Picking the Right 40 Gallon Breeder Tank Stand (5 Best)

When you are encouraging fish to spawn, they should have their own space. Giving them their own tank away from other fish reduces their defensiveness. It prevents other fish from eating the eggs or fry. It maximizes the yield from the breeding pair. You can get by with a separate fish tank for your breeding pair, but the ideal results come from a breeder tank.

What Is a Breeder Tank?

A breeder tank is typically a 40 gallon fish tank. However, it differs from the standard 40 gallon fish tank. It is shorter, longer and wider while still holding 40 gallons of water. This gives the fish enough space to live, but their owner has greater access to the fish. It is easier to scoop out fry or clean the tank.

They’re practical fish tanks for a specific purpose. Conventional 40 gallon fish tanks are taller and narrower. They’re more for displaying the fish than anything else. Trying to breed fish in the community tank would require breeding boxes or breeding nets to protect the fry from being eaten or sucked into the water filter.

A 40 gallon breeder tank stand is designed to support the 40 gallon breeder tank while it is in use. The best tank stands are going to be lower and wider than your standard fish tank stand, because it should support a larger footprint while still giving you easy access to the fish tank and the fish themselves.

What To Look for in Fish Tank Stands

Don’t choose an aquarium stand based only on price. Select a 40 gallon breeder tank stand that will safely support the aquarium, give you ready access to what matters, and won’t warp or decay on exposure to moisture. Pick a stand that will certainly support the intended load and won’t be hard to put together. Here are a few of the best 40 gallon breeder tank stands on the market today.

Product 1: Sauder Model 416444 Aquarium Stand

It is difficult to find an aquarium stand that is 18 inches wide, wide enough to properly support a 40 gallon breeder fish tank. This fish tank stand by Sauder is made to support 75 to 110 gallon tanks, so you know it will support a fully stocked 40 gallon tank. However, that’s not the only reason to pick it up.

The beautiful Jamocha wood makes it a lovely decorative piece in every room. The water resistant platform won’t warp or stain. It comes with a built-in cord management system. The shelves are adjustable, and it has double doors for hiding away bloodworms and other fish supplies you don’t want seen by guests. The stand is 28 inches tall, putting the top of your breeder tank in easy reach.

One point in favor of this model is that it is made ready to assemble. It is easy to put together from the instructions. The final product is relatively durable. It could last for years

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Product 2: Ameriwood Brand Aquarium Stand

This aquarium stand by Ameriwood is a basic model. It has a single adjustable shelf and two open shelves. The unit is 30 inches tall, 50 inches wide and 20 inches deep. It has enough surface area to hold a 40 gallon breeder tank with room to spare front, back and on the sides.

The laminated particle board gives it an upscale look without the premium price tag. More importantly, the aquarium stand is strong. It can hold several hundred pounds, because it is designed a 75 gallon aquarium filled with water. It can sit against a wall or stand in the middle of the room.

The unit is somewhat easy to assemble, though that is a two person job. The stand itself weighs about 100 pounds when fully assembled. However, it can readily hold five times its weight once assembled.

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Product 3: Aqua Culture Brand Aquarium Stand

This classic aquarium stand is designed to support a 55 gallon aquarium. The stand’s top is water resistant. It is scratch resistant, too.

The unit is relatively easy to assemble. There are two doors to hide items you don’t want visible to the casual observer. Unlike the other aquarium stands on this list, you can choose to assemble it with the black wood doors visible or the dark red wood facing outward. Both the top and base are black.

The only reason this aquarium stand didn’t rank higher on our list was the less than perfect pre-drilled holes. They are not always properly placed, and this can make the top or shelves not quite level. This can make the aquarium wobble. This can be solved with minor adjustments. Conversely, you may be willing to put up with this given how cheap the aquarium stand is.

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Product 4: Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand

This metal tank stand is designed to support a standard 40 gallon fish tank, but it can support a 40 gallon breeder tank if you position it properly. One point in favor of this fish tank stand is the very low cost. Another is its low weight, since it is a minimalist metal frame instead of a heavy, bulky piece of wood.

One of the benefits of this design is the open interior. You can store whatever you need in the space underneath the tank. There are no issues with the placement of wires or equipment. There’s plenty of room. Another benefit of this model comes in the form of the adjustable feet. Whether you find that you’ve assembled it wrong or need to adjust the angle of the tank, you can do so with the feet. Yet the unit is easy to assemble.

The generalist design means it can hold almost any size of fish tank or a terrarium. At 36 inches long by 19 inches wide and 30 inches tall, your fish are easy to reach when the breeder tank is located on this stand. The fish tank stand is strong enough to hold up a 60 gallon tank.

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Product 5: Aquatic Fundamentals Brand Aquarium Stand, Model AMZ-16551

This aquarium stand is moisture resistant and relatively durable. The matte black finish allows it to blend into any decor. The aquarium stand has doors to hide aquarium supplies while giving you easy access. The back of the aquarium stand is open except for the support braces. This gives you easy access to cords and tubes.

The only reason it didn’t rank higher on our list is because putting your tank on this aquarium stand can be a balancing act. This unit is 13 inches wide, nearly 40 inches long, and 28 inches tall. For reference, breeding tanks are typically 18 inches wide.

This means you’ll have to have the aquarium stand several inches back from the wall to be able to center the aquarium on the stand. It can support the weight, but you have to be careful of positioning. Conversely, the aquarium stand weighs just 70 pounds.

It doesn’t come with shelves, but for some, that simplifies the assembly process or gives them more flexibility in what they can store inside. The aquarium stand is relatively easy to assemble. It is sturdy.

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