Are Horses Friendly? 6 Popular Horse Breeds Checked!

When it comes to a horse’s friendliness, you would be astounded by hundreds of stories from horse owners bragging about the fruitful companionship they have with their horses.

However, there are some breeds of horses that have a bad reputation, although, we do believe that they exhibit unwanted behavior due to their nature or the way they are being treated.

With that being said, here’s a guide to some of the most popular horse breeds on whether or not they are friendly horses.

Are Horses Friendly?

Yes, horses are friendly.

This question is very broad and there are multiple answers to such questions.


Horses are Family-Oriented

First of all, horses are family-oriented. What does this mean you might ask? Well, like us humans, horses are social animals and they thrive when they are with their herd.

Social animals have the tendency to become lonely and this will result in negative psychological issues. Horses need to interact with fellow horses in order to develop proper manners and skills.

Foals are exposed to having negative psychological problems since they are young and younguns won’t be able to have a role model to imitate if they are away from their herd.

So if by any chance you happen to meet a stubborn and aggressive horse, a reason as to why they behave that way would possibly be because they didn’t learn how to socialize.

Horses Will Treat You Exactly How You Treat Them

This is common sense to say the least because horses won’t usually be aggressive towards a person without a reason. If they feel threatened by something a person is doing, then that would be enough for horses to be triggered. Also, it’s only natural for horses to react in a physical way when people are cruel towards them.

The only way a horse will ever show respect and friendliness towards a human would be if humans treat horses right.

Are Arabian Horses Friendly?

Yes, Arabian Horses are friendly.

There’s always been a misconception when it comes to Arabian Horses and it has something to do with their temperament. Since these horses are naturally hot-blooded, some say that makes these horses crazy.

Well, the only reason as to why these horses have got a lot of energy and seem to be “crazy” is because there’s a possibility that they might have not been fed well and their riders made them work despite not being fed properly.

If owners take very good care of their horse’s well-being, then Arabian Horses are very much gentle and calm breeds. Their temperament is ideal when they are treated and raised well.

Another thing to point out, Arabian Horses are not highly strung! Horse breeds like the Arabians can very well be spirited animals but they can also be gentle and friendly at the same time.

These horses are so gentle to the point that federations such as the United States Equestrian Federation allow children to handle this breed. Just goes to show that Arabian Horses are truly a gentle and friendly breed.

Are Friesian Horses Friendly?

Yes, Friesian Horses are friendly.

Like any other horse, Friesian Horses have a tendency to become stubborn which is why it’s better for experienced riders to own these types of horses. However, don’t take this breed’s stubbornness negatively because it doesn’t affect its friendliness.

The great thing about Ferisian Horses is it is incredibly intelligent so it recognizes if its owner is someone who is experienced with horses. Also, Friesian Horses are not only very friendly but also very loyal to their owners and form a strong bond with them as well.

Are Shire Horses Friendly?

Yes, Shire Horses are friendly.

If there’s one thing you should know about this breed is they’re also known as gentle giants. Why? Well if you would take a look at how large these horses are you’d be overwhelmed!

The accompanying trait that comes with their very large size is a gentle temperament.  They also possess other traits such as being laid-back, docile, and calm. Shire Horses are also very easy to handle and train despite their size.

Beginners will feel at ease around these horses, especially if it’s their first time owning a horse and they’re afraid of horses that might not be friendly.

Shire Horses love to please their owners, plus, they don’t mind being around other people and animals.

Are Quarter Horses Friendly?

Yes, Quarter Horses are friendly.

Quarter Horses, in a general sense, is a friendly breed of horse due to their temperament of being calm and docile.

This breed is also very suitable for beginners because thankfully, they have a gentle demeanor. Handling and training them would be fairly easy, so apart from being great for beginners, they also make great family horses.

Kids can comfortably be around these horses and socialize with them. The thing that makes these horses unique is their characteristics of being strong, fast, gentle, and versatile.

All these work hand in hand and make Quarter Horses one of the most popular breeds of horses. They love to please and work for their owners so owning this kind of horse would definitely be a win for you.

Are Icelandic Horses Friendly?

Yes, Icelandic Horses are friendly.

Icelandic Horses are a fun breed to look at since they’re considered the purest horse in Iceland. As of today, they’re still pure as ever and the breed itself is not mixed with any other bloodline.

Another thing that makes these horses amazing is their temperament. Since the environment where Icelandic Horses live is free from predators, they don’t get frightened when they encounter other animals or people.

This is a great thing to know if you have plans on owning one because this makes Icelandic Horses easy to approach and befriend.

Are Morgan Horses Friendly?

Yes, Morgan Horses are friendly.

Apart from being such an amazing horse because of its many positive qualities such as its speed, strength, endurance, intelligence, and courage, this breed is well-known for its kind temperament.

The temperament of this breed is considered to be one of the most desirable traits that it possesses. This makes Morgan Horses a good choice for beginners.

Moreover, these horses will go over a mile just to please their owners. If you’re looking for a great companion, the Morgan Horse will be a good match for you.

They’re patient and forgiving horses that love to be around their owners. And the best part? It feels very therapeutic when you ride on these horses because they have very comfortable gaits.

Are Wild Horses Friendly?

No, wild horses may appear to be friendly and approachable at first, but we can’t deny the fact that they’re wild animals. So this makes them unpredictable and potentially dangerous to humans.

If for whatever reason you are curious about the temperament of wild horses and decided to approach one, we advise against it. Why? Well, simply because wild horses behave differently compared to domesticated horses.

Wild horses may appear to be completely docile and approachable but they are unpredictable, so approaching one could potentially cause harm to a person.

So whether you’re a beginner or an expert, it’s never a good idea to just randomly approach and try to befriend a wild horse.

How To Make Friends With A Horse?

With that being said, you may be wondering how to befriend a horse, especially for beginners. Here are a few tips on how to make friends with a horse and enjoy the most out of your companionship with your soon-to-be horse.

The following advice is from a man named Jimmy Anderson, a cowboy who has worked with horses and is very experienced in the equine field.

Be a leader to your horses. It’s common knowledge that horses are prey animals and this makes them rely on someone stronger in order to protect them from predators and such.

If you establish leadership to the horses you own, they will begin to trust you to keep them safe and they will be much more confident as well.

Show love to your horses. Never use fear to tame or discipline your horses. Always be mindful of how you treat your horses, always treat them with love.

Gradually build up a trusting and loving relationship with your horse and they will truly be loyal and friendly to you as time goes by.

Don’t be harsh to your horse, especially if they made a mistake. Instead, be encouraging and patient.

Always pay attention to your horse’s needs. Feed them regularly, watch their diet, always keep them hydrated, clean their stables, etc.

Always see to it that your horses are living comfortably so that they won’t become unhealthy and have problems in terms of their temperament and such.

Socialize your horses. Never forget this advice because it plays a very crucial role in a horse’s temperament. If horses are not exposed to other horses, they will become wary of other animals and horses since they’re not used to seeing those.

Remember, horses are social animals, so they need to be exposed to other horses, animals, and people in order to become their friendly selves.

Using your eyes to communicate with your horse will deepen your connection with it. They are drawn to looking at our eyes and this is one way for them to communicate with their owners.

Use touch when communicating and spending time with your horse. This type of human interaction will help them feel at ease. Try gently stroking their heads as a start.


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