Are Rabbits Scared of Cats, Dogs, Mice, Spiders & Others

Rabbits are naturally fearful of any predator animals that can hunt and eat them.

We usually think of them as delicate, furry creatures running and hopping away to save their lives.

Unfortunately for them, they are one of those small mammals that is part of various predators’ diets.

What animals are rabbits usually scared of?


1. Birds

Yes. Rabbits are scared of large, carnivorous birds as they are their favorite food.

It is very natural for rabbits to be scared of animals bigger than them, especially predators since they are prey animals.

Large birds like eagles and hawks are the common predators of rabbits. These large birds are typically flying over fields, searching for innocent bunnies, which are one of their preferred food.

It is very normal for rabbits not to trust any kind of large bird.

They see all kinds of birds as the same. Even a blue Macaw, which can cause no harm to them, can be perceived as a deadly eagle. 

If your bunnies will see or hear any kind of large bird, you can expect them to be rushing, looking for a spot to sneak!

2. Bees

Yes. Rabbits can be scared of bees because of their sounds and seriously hurtful stings.

Not only rabbits are terrified when seeing or even just hearing bees. We, humans, are quite panicking as well as we know very well how hurtful and dangerous a bee’s sting can be.

Some rabbits would usually hasten to cover upon a bee’s buzz.

If there are bees flying around your place, you should be extra careful as a sting can cause swelling and difficulty in breathing to your furry rabbit. You might need to bring it to the vet if the symptoms get worse.

3. Dogs

Yes. Rabbits are normally frightened of dogs as their family is known to be carnivores.

Your bunny will not only be terrified with your pooch at home. It can also be intimidated with anything that can resemble the appearance of dogs.

They have this natural aversion to canines. In the wild, rabbits are usually hunted by wolves or coyotes.

Don’t worry, even if you have a dog, you can still get yourself a cute bunny. A domesticated dog and a bunny can share the same place; however, you should be attentive and careful as your dog can accidentally hurt your furry little pet.

Your bunny will be accustomed and be comfortable with your pet dog but still, feel terrified of your neighbor’s Golden Retriever.

4. Cats

Yes. Rabbits are scared of cats as these felines are obligate carnivores, making them one of their predators.

Cats, especially the large ones, are natural predators of bunnies.

Both wild cats and domesticated cats can threaten the lives of rabbits. All cats are obligate carnivores, even your cat at home, as meat is an important part of their diet.

Even though it is possible to have both cats and rabbits in your house, you should keep your eyes on them at all times.

It might be deplorable, but your cat can possibly attack your bunny anytime because of its hunting, carnivorous nature even though you thought they had become friends.

It is way better to be cautious than have regrets in the end.

5. Cockroaches

No. Rabbits are not afraid of cockroaches. If rabbits become threatened by these insects, they will actually fight them to protect themselves.

Rabbits are not scared of cockroaches as these are just tiny creatures that cannot really bother them.

It might be common to see a cockroach in your rabbit’s cage as it is simply attracted to any kind of food such as your pet’s pellets.

Typically, a rabbit and a cockroach will care less about each other if they sense no harm.

Your rabbit will not mind a cockroach as long as it is not feeling threatened.

Otherwise, it will try to scare away or fight the tiny insect through biting and even eating! You should be watchful of this as cockroaches transmit diseases or your bunny can choke on them.

6. Crows

Yes. Rabbits are terrified of crows as they are part of these omnivorous birds’ diet.

As omnivores, crows are consuming both plants and meat.

They can be actually satisfied with berries and leftovers from the garbage cans. But they can also satisfy their hunger with the fresh meat of small animals like rabbits.

While crows can be predators, they lack the great strengths and sharp beaks and claws that larger birds commonly possess.

Their strength is their intelligence. They have a different way of killing which can be endless pecking.

As crows know they are not that strong and lack some skills, they would prefer to just dig in some cadaver over getting into a fight or hunt. They are thinking more about their safety.

Nonetheless, they would still go for an attack if given a chance.

They are usually hunting baby rabbits to ensure their catch. So rabbits usually ensure not being on an open field when crows are just nearby.

7. Chickens

No. Rabbits are not scared of chickens. In fact, they can even live together in harmony!

Both rabbits and chicken are included in the list of our favorite pets. Though they are very much different from the first look, they also have a couple of similarities.

Chickens do not have fluffy fur and floppy ears, whereas rabbits do not have feathers and simply do not lay eggs.

Yet, both of them are highly sociable creatures that love spending time with others. Company is important for them and they have almost the same temperament.

Surprisingly, they can even share a hutch if they are acquainted during their younger age. They are less likely to be attacking each other, but can be good friends!

You just need to ensure cleanliness at all times since rabbits are cleaner than chickens. Chickens can carry different kinds of viruses that can cause your rabbit terribly ill.

Likewise, you should ensure that they will have ample space to move since chickens can be stressed out with rabbits that keep on

jumping and running if they are not yet used to them.

8. Raccoons

Yes. Rabbits are afraid of raccoons as these round, fuzzy mammals hunt them as their food.

Do not be deceived by the cuteness of raccoons. They are actually wild killers of animals.

Your bunnies are an easy victim for raccoons so you should ensure to secure the hutches of your pets.

Being prey animals, rabbits are instinctively afraid of any animals that are likely to chase them, even how appealing these predators can be at first.

9. Foxes

Yes. Rabbits are afraid of foxes as they are one of the main food sources of these omnivorous mammals.

Foxes are omnivores which basically means they can eat both plant-based food and meat.

Rabbits are an important part of foxes’ diet. However, it is delightful to discover that they can adjust their intake based on their environment.

Foxes are actually capable of adapting to almost every environment. It can live in the forests, fields, mountains, and even dunes. It can adjust its food intake based on what is available.

Aside from rabbits, insects, and other small mammals, foxes can consume berries and fruits too.

Yet, the fear of rabbits to foxes will remain as they know they are stapled for them. 

Just the sight of a fox around the hutch is enough to shock your rabbit. Your startled rabbit might even die of this fearful feeling!

10. Rats

No. Rabbits are typically not afraid of rats as these small creatures are usually just after eating leftover food. They do not want to fight rabbits, especially the larger-sized ones. However, rats can be very opportunistic in that they can try to kill and devour small breed rabbits and babies as well.

Your rabbit’s pen can be very attractive to rats if there is food, some droppings, or even undisposed stuff that can be very inviting to check out.

Rats are highly intelligent and possess a sharp sense of smell so they can easily sniff the smelly pellets of your bunnies.

If your rabbit is a passive type, it would not mind the presence of a rat in its hutch while eating its food. However, if you got a territorial one, it will not be pleased with the rat’s presence. It would be aggressive that you might expect a fight between your rabbit and the rat.

However, rats are likely to attack small rabbits and their babies. With the size and defenselessness of these creatures, it will be easy for a hungry rat to kill them.

11. Ferrets

Yes. Rabbits are scared of ferrets as these nocturnal mammals are obligate carnivores that will hunt them down if given a chance.

Ferrets are one of the natural enemies of rabbits. Even though they are not as big as other carnivorous predators, they are highly intelligent hunters with expert smelling, hearing, and eyesight skills that usually attack at night.

Ferrets’ main sources of nutrition do not only include rabbits but other animals as well like hedgehogs and small birds.

You might be surprised knowing that these nocturnal carnivores can even eat their victims’ bones and not only their meat!

Their extraordinary metabolic rate as well as their little intestines help them to easily digest whatever they are consuming.

On a daily basis, ferrets should be eating around 50 to 70 grams of meat.

This is why they should aggressively hunt for food to sustain the nutrition they need. They naturally look for food as teams which helps them to capture their prey successfully.

Experienced ferrets will persistently and aggressively chase rabbits until they capture them.

With these personalities of ferrets, rabbits can be stressed out and get nervous just by sensing their presence.

12. Lizards

Yes. Rabbits are scared of lizards as they are part of these reptiles’ natural diet.

You might wonder how come a tiny lizard you usually see on your house wall, producing a distinct sound, can make a rabbit nervous?

These small lizards are surely calm, quiet, and mean no harm to your cute bunnies.

We are actually talking about the lizards that are larger, more powerful, and are predators!

These lizard’s choices of food are very diverse. Their diet is based on their size and they typically consume whatever they can eat in their surroundings.

Iguanas, Komodo Dragons, and Monitor Lizards are just some of the reptiles in the lizard family that usually eat rabbits.

13. Owls

Yes. Rabbits are afraid of owls as they are one of the prey of these nocturnal predators.

Rabbits are becoming nervous just hearing the sounds and seeing the owls flying above them in the middle of the night.

Owls are nocturnal so they are very active and hunt their prey at duskiness. It is rare that you will see an owl flying and roaming during a bright daytime.

Rabbits are aware that owls are one of their predators so they are naturally fearful of them; this fear is what helps them to remain alive.

Owls own a set of very sharp eyes which enables them to spot a little rabbit even from a faraway distance using their night vision. They are also strong enough to drag and carry even those pretty large adult rabbits.

If you want to protect your rabbit from these nocturnal predators, you can keep them in cages during the nighttime which can also shield them from the cold.

14. Spiders

No. Rabbits are not frightened of spiders as these arthropods can stay quiet in their place, are smaller, and not one of their predators.

It might be interesting for you to know that rabbits and spiders can actually share a place and live harmoniously.

This is not impossible since spiders usually care less about their surroundings as long as you do not bother them in their webs.

It could actually be the other way around – spiders can be more fearful of rabbits!

Rabbits are way bigger than spiders so they are not threatened; likewise, they know that these creatures will typically stay away from them and will not attempt to bite them if not threatened.

Spiders are predators of small herbivore insects; however, they are also the food of larger animals such as birds, monkeys, and frogs.

As long as your rabbit is not interested in chewing on its spider neighbor living in the corner, they can breathe in peace together.

15. Snakes

Yes. Rabbits are afraid of snakes as they recognize these slithering creatures as predators.

Snakes are frightening reptiles that do not only threaten the safety of other animals, rather of humans as well.

They are notorious predators known for hunting, killing, and eating defenseless little animals and even those that are twice their size!

As prey animals, rabbits are highly aware of their surroundings and creatures that can potentially risk their safety. And, there is no question that snakes are one of the threats for them.

They definitely avoid places that they know they might encounter these slithering predators. And once rabbits sense and sight a snake’s presence, they will instantly flee to save their lives!


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