biOrb Fish Tanks, Filters & Heaters: 17 Things You Should Know

biOrb is a recognized name when it comes to modern fish tanks.

You might be a fish enthusiast that wants to own a mesmerizing fish tank. Yet, biOrb is quite expensive and that holds you back from getting one.

Before deciding whether to buy or not, you must be familiar with biOrb’s product features.

biOrb Fish Tanks

biOrb is the new face of fish tanks. It reinvented the typical aquarium that you used to see. These tanks are simply fascinating to watch that will surely be the center of attention in your room. 

Are biOrb Fish Tanks Any Good?

biOrb fish tanks are good because of their features and appealing aesthetics.

With the modern designs, biOrbs are exceptional fish tanks that will perfectly suit the tastes of any fish enthusiast that loves aesthetics.

They surely offer great features, however, you should consider what your preferences really are as these tanks also have shortcomings, especially when it comes to size.

Why Is biOrb So Expensive?

biOrb is so expensive as it is innovatively designed, made of quality materials, and features an exclusive filtration system.

When it comes to elegant and innovative fish tanks that come with an expensive price, biOrb is definitely on the list!

It is expensive because of its modern form and high-quality materials that are tailored to provide a mesmerizing tank both for any fish and its owners.

Its exclusive filtration system is also one of its special features that added to the tank’s cost.

Likewise, biOrb is able to establish a strong image for its stylish tanks that even celebrities are purchasing its product to put in their mansion houses.

Can A Goldfish Live In A biOrb?

Yes. A goldfish can live in a biOrb but only in a specific design and size. Goldfishes are recommended to be kept in a biOrb Classic that is either 4 gallons or 8 gallons.

You need to ensure that the size of the aquarium is suitable to the present size of your goldfish or even if they reached maturity if you are not supposed to buy a new tank.

A goldfish can grow quite big so it also needs a big space to flourish as a healthy adult. A common goldfish can grow up to 10 inches while the fancy goldfish can be 8 inches long.

If you will get a biOrb Classic 4 gallon, it is suggested to put up to two small goldfish only, probably just an inch in size.

If you have comet goldfish and common goldfish, you should buy a bigger tank that would be appropriate for their size such as the 8-gallon Classic.

Why Is My biOrb Tank So Noisy?

Your biOrb tank is noisy because of the vibration of the pump on a surface.

The pump’s vibration is the common noise issue in a biOrb tank.

To prevent this, you can put the pump on a smoother surface, hang it, or use airline clamps to have better control of the airflow.

You can ask for a service warranty exchange if, after all your efforts, the pump is still noisy.

Can You Put Real Plants In A biOrb?

Yes. You can put real plants in a biOrb as these offer various benefits in keeping your tank a suitable place for your fish to live in.

If you want a real plant in a biOrb, you can definitely put one as long as it is easy to grow and tough enough to survive all the cleaning, the filter system, and potential stress from highly energetic fishes.

The advantages of real plants are still incomparable to those artificial ones.

Some of the recommended plants for your tank are those that can grow on or be tied on your tank decor like the java fern and anubias. You can also add stem plants that quickly grow such as Cabomba Aquatica.

Are biOrb Tanks Bad For Fish?

Generally, biOrb tanks may either be good or bad depending on the type of fish that you have in consideration of their needs.

biOrb tanks are specially designed to provide your fish a great environment with effective filtration while satisfying the preferences of fish owners with appealing visuals.

However, not all fish are suitable to be inhabited in biOrb tanks mainly because of their size, shape, and setup. 

For some fish that need a big space, biOrb is not recommended as its socking is limited due to its volume and design. This setting can cause stress due to the unhealthy living environment which can compromise their diet and physical characteristics.

Are biOrb Tanks Good For Betta Fish?

No. biOrb tanks are not good for betta fish because their setup is not ideal for its needs and wellness.

Though you may usually see a betta fish in biOrb, it is not recommended to put it in this kind of tank because the overall setting is not suitable for its health.

The water turbulence and rock substrates are not actually helping a betta fish; worst, these can even cause harm.

A betta fish is known to be surface swimmers. And so, the turbulence on the top of the water, caused by the filter, is a challenge for the betta to get air from the water surface.

As a surface swimmer, the shapes of other biOrb tanks are not perfect for a betta fish especially the spherical one.

The rock substrates that are included in the recommended biOrb setting can also cause injuries to bettas. Their tails may get rips due to these rough rocks sitting on the bottom of the tank.

Do You Need To Cycle A biOrb Tank?

Yes. You need to cycle a biOrb tank to set a natural bio-filter by having bacterias needed for a nitrogen cycle.

It is highly crucial to do cycling in your biOrb tank. This process is essential to maintain the wellness of your fishes by removing ammonia and nitrate that are both toxic for them.

The living bacterias in your tank are the major ones responsible for filtering the water. They will basically break down wastes into less poisonous compounds that can harm your aquatic inhabitants.

You can cycle with or without fish as this can be stressful for them. Once the test results confirm that your tank water is already free from ammonia and nitrate, the cycling is then complete. The cycle process will typically last for 3 to 5 days.

biOrb VS Fluval

Both biOrb and Fluval are modern fish tanks with intelligent features.

One comparison that can be done with biOrb and Fluval is their materials. biOrb fish tanks are made of durable acrylic, which is lighter too, while Fluval is constructed from long-lasting glass.

When it comes to maintenance, these two brands are different. biOrb is low maintenance while Fuval requires frequent cleaning.

What Are The Most Popular biOrb Fish Tanks? Link to product

With various styles to choose from, the top 3 biOrb fish tanks are:

biOrb Filters

biOrb is known for easy maintenance because of its specialized filtration system. With this system, you will spend less time cleaning your tanks and have effective filters that can be easily replaced too.

Are biOrb Filters Any Good?

biOrb filters are good as it has a standard 5-stage filtering system that can fit in all biOrb tanks.

biOrb has a standard filtering system that is flexible enough to be used in all biOrb aquariums.

Its filtering system makes powerful currents that sustain oxygen saturation as the water circulates. Its filtration is working through biological, mechanical, and chemical processes.

The filter is pulling the wastes and after the filtration, the cleansed and oxygenated water will have flowed back where good bacterias will also feed on.

The remaining wastes will stay on the filter sponge while the water proceeds to be refined to remove other contaminants.

How Long Do biOrb Filters Last?

biOrb filters can last up to 4 to 8 weeks depending on the size of your tank.

You can conveniently change the filter cartridge of your biOrb which is necessary for maintaining quality water in your tank. You can get a service kit that includes three cartridges and a distinct cleaning pad for dirt and algae.

If you have a 4-gallon or 8-gallon biOrb, you should replace their filter every 6 weeks. For a 16 gallon tank, filter replacement should be done every 4 weeks.

Can You Reuse biOrb Filters?

No. You cannot reuse biOrb filters as they could no longer deliver an excellent performance just like the new ones.

You should change your biOrb filter regularly to make sure the health of your fish is not being compromised.

It is not advisable to reuse biOrb filters as they are simply not of their highest quality anymore. Thus, they could not effectively filter water which is their primary purpose.

biOrb Heater

biOrb is offering innovative heaters that are specifically designed for their stylish tanks to sustain the required temperature of your fishes to thrive in captivity.

Are biOrb Heaters Any Good?

Yes. biOrb heaters are good as they are accurate, more economical, and easy to use.

You can easily control the temperature of biOrb heaters through their sensors or switches. They provide accurate temperature as long as it is properly situated in your tank.

biOrb heaters are also economical as they use less electricity compared to the typical tank heaters.

biOrb heaters are designed to be used conveniently by marine enthusiasts. They are simple to set up; you can either drop them in your tank or use some accessories to help you with proper fitting. A heater stand and suction cups are provided if you will buy the heater pack.

Can biOrb Heater Be Fully Submerged?

Yes. The biOrb heater can be fully submerged as it is designed to be safe under the water.

It is very natural to have worries when it comes to electrical devices and water. We know for a fact that putting a device with running electricity in liquid can be dangerous.

As for the biOrb heater, you do not have to be troubled as you can fully submerge it under the water.

Its cable is secured and you can also use the bracket that comes with the tank to easily pin the heater to biOrb’s curve frame.

Can You Use A Normal Heater In A biOrb?

Yes. You can use a normal heater in a biOrb.

If you own a small biOrb tank, you might also want to put a small heater in it to attain balance and not overdo your aquarium.

For some, the heaters of biOrb are quite massive for their little tanks. Thus, they opt to buy other smaller brands.

You can definitely use a normal heater in a biOrb but the downside might be its improper fitting to the tank since it is not specifically tailored for biOrbs.

What Are The Most Popular biOrb Heaters?

biOrb only offers two types of heaters for its tanks:


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