Can Bearded Dragons Eat Carrots, Spinach, Tomatoes, Broccoli? (and More!)

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Carrots?

Yes, bearded dragons do eat carrots among other vegetables. However, if your beardie is currently on Vitamin A supplements, feeding carrots might pose digestion problems. 

Since carrots are rich in vitamin A, it’s crucial to keep track of supplements if you desire to feed natural vitamin A to your pet in the form of a carrot.

Besides, carrots should only be occasionally and not as a staple food.


Bearded Dragons

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Spinach?

Yes, they can. However, spinach shouldn’t be used as a staple food; instead, they should be fed occasionally and in moderate volumes. This is because spinach is rich in oxalates that are pondered unhealthy for dragons due to their tendency of binding calcium and halting its absorption.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Tomatoes?

Bearded dragons are omnivores, meaning they eat both plants and animal products.

Similar to other creatures, they need a balanced diet to live a healthy life. However, not all foods are healthy for beardies.

Beardies do eat tomatoes. Tomatoes have a high content of vitamin A which is good for the well-being of dragons. Like any other fruit, tomatoes should be feed occasionally and moderately. This is because beardies don’t require a lot of vitamin A. Moreover, tomatoes are acidic, meaning if fed in abundancy, they can hurt your beardie.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Celery?

Celery is safe for bearded dragon consumption. Nonetheless, work on celery to make it digestible before serving your pet. Celery should also be served sparingly as too much of it can cause harm.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Broccoli?

Vegetables are crucial to your beardie well-being; however, wrong vegetables can pose severe health concerns to your pet. Though nutritious, most vegetables should be served occasionally and not often.

Brocolli is a super veggie with a plethora of nutrients that beardies require to grow and blossom thus making it ideal for dragons. However, broccoli should only be feed in small quantities since they contain toxic acids and minerals that can harm dragons when occasionally feeding and in large quantities.

The answer to the question is a resounding yes, but it shouldn’t be used as a staple food.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cucumbers?

Yes, beardies can eat cucumbers. Cucumbers have a high content of vitamins, minerals and water which are crucial for dragons’ health. Besides, cucumbers can aid weight loss, lower blood sugar and enhance digestion. However, these veggies should be fed occasionally and in reduced amounts because too much of it can be harmful to their health.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cabbage?

Yes, beardies can eat raw cabbage. Cabbages are chock-full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which are all vital to the health of a beardie. Cabbages are also rich in fiber which stimulates healthy digestion.

It also contains Vitamin C, which bolsters not only the immune system but also vision, reproduction and overall growth. Antioxidants contained in cabbage also aid in stopping inflammation.

Despite this, cabbages should be fed occasionally and sparingly since excess of it can hurt the dragon.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Kale?

Kale has been elevated to a superfood globally due to its abundance in nutrients.

Kale is safe for beardie consumption due to its variety of nutrients. Kale is abundant in calcium which is focal to their health. It is also low in phosphorous, which is a plus since excessive phosphorous can be damaging to beardie health, especially if it exceeds calcium.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cilantro?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat cilantro. Beardies can eat plenty of foods, but veterinarians warn that some foods can do more harm than good. Therefore, as a pet owner, research is necessary to find out what is good for your pet and what is not.

Although cilantro is safe for dragon’s consumption, it should be feed occasionally and in small quantities. It shouldn’t be served as a staple food, hence the need to serve other foods to your pet.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Lettuce?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat lettuce, but it’s highly discouraged since it lacks nutritional value to the beardies. This means lettuce is safe for consumption but offers no nutritional value. Hence, if possible, exclude it from your dragon’s diet or if you have to feed it do it occasionally.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bell Peppers?

Bell peppers are harmless to the bearded dragons, and therefore owners shouldn’t hesitate to serve their beloved pets with this type of food. However, it is worth noting that not all dragons accept them. Wild bearded dragons are popularly known as opportunistic omnivores largely feed on bell peppers unlike their counterparts in captivity.

On the nutritional aspect, bell peppers are chock-full of water and vitamins, which are very crucial to their health and well-being. Bell peppers should be smashed into small pieces before serving them to your pet. Red bell peppers are more preferred over yellow/green peppers.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Zucchini?

Over the last few years, zucchini has become a fashionable diet for reptiles, including bearded dragons.

Zucchini is no threat to beardie consumption, and hence beardie owners should not be afraid to serve zucchini to their pets. Despite this, it is encouraged to feed your beardie zucchini occasionally since it offers little mainly water-based nutrition. Since bearded dragons have small stomachs feeding them with low nutritional foods is simply counterproductive.

This is the case with young beardies that are in their growth phase and need vital nutrients to support this.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cantaloupe?

Cantaloupe is a threat to bearded dragons, and therefore it isn’t safe for beardie consumption. It’s abundant in sugars and acids that cause tooth decay and indigestion problems, respectively. Moreover, cantaloupe has additional water content which gives rise to a runny pool.

Some pet owners feed their beardies cantaloupe not knowing its long-term repercussions to their pet’s health. Though some pets recommend feeding of cantaloupe, it’s advisable to disregard the advice. 

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Parsley?

Yes, beardies can eat parsley; however, it should be offered occasionally due to its oxalates abundance. Oxalates bind calcium and inhibit its absorption. Parsley has plenty of nutrients and vitamins to offer and thus the need to add it to your beardie diet.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Arugula?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat arugula. Arugula is chock-full of nutrients and vitamins that make it great for the reptiles, including beardies. However, arugula should be fed on an occasional basis and not as a staple diet food. Hence, moderation is vital when feeding your dragon arugula.