Can Horse Outrun A Car, Bicycles, Motorcycles, or Train?

As one of the fastest animals, horses are known to possess great speed that no other creatures can outdo. It can majestically run very fast with the soaring wind as if nothing can beat it.

As one of the first means of transportation, horses are known to possess great stamina and agility.

However, as innovation and technology began, people started to set aside horses with the introduction of various types of vehicles.

Since these new carriers are machines, can horses exceed them or simply not?


Car: Can A Horse Beat A Car?

No. A horse cannot beat a car. A horse can only run around 30 to 50 miles per hour while a car can go up to 72 miles per hour. These numbers only show that a horse cannot beat a car in a race match.

You can never doubt the speed of a horse. But what if we compare a horse with a car? Which would be faster?

The average speed of a horse at gallop is around 30 miles per hour or 48.2 kilometers per hour.

Some horses can run even faster, approximately 45 miles to 50 miles per hour. That would be 72 kilometers to 80 kilometers per hour.

As for cars, they can run 31 miles per hour or 50 kilometers per hour if they are on the roads of busy towns or residential areas.

If a horse will be running beyond its average speed, which can be 45 to 50 miles per hour, it can beat a car in this kind of situation.

However, going to the real deal, a car can reach the speed of 100 kilometers to 120 kilometers per hour if desired. That is 62 miles to 74 miles per hour. If driving on major roads or highways, 80 kilometers to 90 kilometers per hour would be the common speed of cars.

These numbers only show that a horse cannot beat a car in a race match.

Four Wheelers: Is A Horse Faster Than A Four-Wheeler Drive?

No. A horse is slower than a four-wheeler drive. Even if a four-wheeler drive is recommended to run only 55 miles per hour, it is still faster than the maximum speed of a horse that is 54 miles per hour, since it can still go beyond if wanted.

A four-wheeler drive (4WD) is a system for vehicles powering both the axles of the front and rear tires at a similar rate.

This is typically found in vehicles for heavy-duty works such as large trucks, SUVs, and sport utility transports.

A four-wheeler drive usually has high ground clearance, big wheels, protected underbody, and tow hooks.

However, it is important to note that this type of vehicle is not for regular use since it is designed for specific roads only such as low friction surfaces such as muddy and sandy roads, icy tracks, rocky surfaces, and farm roads.

Since 4WD is a specialized vehicle, it is recommended that it should run only 55 miles per hour or 88.51 kilometers per hour for safety reasons.

It can run faster but must follow strict procedures and rules to ensure that no accident will occur while on the terrain.

ATV: Can A Horse Outrun An ATV?

No. A horse cannot outrun an ATV. An ATV can run up to 80 miles per hour while a horse can only go up to 54 miles per hour.

ATV stands for “all-terrain vehicle”. It can also be called a quad bike or light utility vehicle.

If you know how to ride on a motorcycle, driving an ATV will not be a problem for you since they are almost the same.

The difference is that ATV is driving on low-pressure wheels. Its extra tires are giving it a better balance if you will drive at slower speeds.

The maximum speed of an ATV is 80 miles per hour or 128 kilometers per hour. This speed is way faster than the maximum speed recorded by a horse.

The speed of an ATV differs depending on its engine size, its weight, size of tires, aftermarket parts, and other factors.

Motorcycle: Is A Horse Faster Than A Motorcycle?

No. A horse is not faster than a motorcycle. The fastest speed of the most innovative motorcycle today is 420 miles per hour. This rate is definitely way far from the capability of the fastest horse which is only 54 miles per hour.

A motorcycle is a very popular means of transportation because it is cheaper, has less maintenance cost, and uses less fuel compared to other vehicles.

People also like motorcycles since these are not heavily affected by traffic and flexible when it comes to parking spaces.

A motorcycle can have two to three wheels and has a motor run by fuel. It can be called a motorbike or cycle too. Aside from short and long-distance travels, it can be used in racing and off-road riding as well.

A 250cc motorcycle can run at an average of 80 miles per hour or 130 kilometers per hour.

A 500cc single-cylinder bike can go approximately 100 miles per hour while a 650cc two-cylinder bike can run around 120 miles per hour.

The top speed recorded by the fastest motorcycle ever manufactured is 420 miles per hour or 675 kilometers per hour.

The fastest motorcycle certainly beats the fastest recorded speed of a horse.

Dirt Bike: Which Is Faster, A Horse Or A Dirt Bike?

A dirt bike is faster than a horse. A 4-stroke 450cc dirt bike can run around 140 kilometers per hour. A horse cannot surpass this speed since it can only run up to 88 kilometers per hour.

Compared to motorcycles, dirt bikes are not designed to run on smooth, concrete roads. 

As its name implies, it is meant for off-roading where dirt, rocks, and mud are commonly encountered. Dirt bike is a small motorcycle with good suspension that is perfect for a rough, bumpy drive.

Dirt bikes are not simply intended for high speeds. Nonetheless, they are fast enough to beat a horse in a race competition.

If you are looking for a fast dirt bike, the most recommended is a 4-stroke 450cc dirt bike that can run about 87 miles per hour or 140 kilometers per hour.

The speed of a dirt bike differs based on the weight of the rider, its body modifications, combustion cycle, and other environmental considerations such as terrain.

The fastest recorded speed of a horse is only 54.6 miles per hour compared to the 87 miles per hour of the dirt bike.

Bicycles: Are Horses Faster Than Bicycles?

Yes. Horses are faster than bicycles. Comparing the fastest speed of a bicycle (28 miles per hour) to the average of a horse (30 miles per hour), you can clearly see that a horse can beat a bicycle.

Bicycles are not just for grown-ups, definitely. You might actually ride on your first bike when you were a kid; well, most of us did!

Bicycles are two-wheeled vehicles powered by a human’s strength. Bikers or cyclists would use their feet to pedal, converting their energy into mobility.

For beginner road cyclists or those just strolling, their average speed is 10 miles to 14 miles per hour; that would be 16 kilometers to 22 kilometers per hour.

For those who are quite experienced already, they can maintain a speed of 15 miles to 19 miles per hour on short to medium distances.

Professional cyclists can typically run at a speed of 20 miles to 28 miles per hour. Since they have undergone intense training, they are more competent, have greater stamina and agility. They would commonly travel medium to long distances.

Comparing the fastest speed of a bicycle (28 miles per hour) to the average of a horse (30 miles per hour), you can clearly view that the horse can run faster than a bicycle.

To be able to run beyond the average speed, a horse should be excellently trained, have a nutritious diet, taking supplements, and feel extra care from its owner.

Train: Is A Horse Faster Than A Train?

No. A horse is not faster than a train. The fastest speed of the latest train today is 500 kilometers per hour. A horse with a maximum speed of 88 kilometers per hour cannot, certainly, beat a train that can swiftly go hundreds of kilometers away from it.

The development of the first train in 1804 was a game-changer in the transportation industry. Imagine being able to transit more people and more cargo all together to reach even farther destinations faster.

Trains are first powered by steam; then, with the help of electricity and diesel fuel, they get to run faster.

They are way more environmentally friendly compared to other vehicles; however, their production is quite costly which is the same with their maintenance.

Just like horses that were always loaded with baggage before, trains are also transporting items, but way more and heavier, in far places.

Almost half of the percentage of cargo today around the world are transported through trains.

On average, a train can reach 124 miles to 150 miles per hour; that is 201 kilometers to 241 kilometers per hour. Specialized bullet trains can reach and even go over 500 kilometers per hour.

With the average speed of a normal train, a horse will definitely just be left behind.

Just an interesting fact, horses were used before to power one of the pioneer trains in the United States through walking on treadmills.

Bus: Can A Horse Beat A Bus?

No. A horse cannot beat a bus. A bus can roughly run up to 65 miles per hour while a horse can only run at 54 miles per hour as its fastest speed. These rates only show that a horse cannot beat a bus in a racing competition.

A bus is another vehicle that can load a lot of people and luggage. It is one of the top choices of people who will have quite long travels but only have limited money.

An average bus can run at a speed of 55 miles per hour to 65 miles per hour; that is 55 kilometers to 104 kilometers per hour. Some buses can even go up to 80 miles per hour.

The speed of the buses varies on the model of the bus itself; likewise, some rules about speed limitation for safety purposes are always to be considered while on the road since lots of lives are onboard.

The world’s fastest bus can run at a speed of 155 miles per hour or 250 kilometers per hour.

A horse cannot beat a bus with these speed numbers.


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