Can Rabbits Play With Cardboard, Dog/Bird Toys, Paper (& Others)

An increasing number of people have started to own rabbits as pets and one of the questions that come to their mind is what type of toys are safe for their rabbits.

There’s an abundance of toys available in the market, making it hard for owners to settle for. Also, they have to consider some factors such as safety and durability.

Find out some perfectly compatible toys with your furry little friend with the list that we’ve provided.


1. Dog Toys

Can Rabbits Have Squeaky Dog Toys?

No, rabbits can’t have or play with squeaky dog toys since most of these are made out of dangerous materials for them.

If we take a look at most of the squeaky dog toys being sold online or in stores, they’re mostly made out of plastic and rubber, which is deadly for rabbits if they chew on and ingest it.

Also, if rabbits end up tearing a squeaky toy apart, then they will most likely choke on the squeaker (the little white plastic that’s inserted in the toy where the ‘squeak sound comes from).

These will ultimately cause intestinal blockage and turn into a serious health complication, so it’s best to avoid these toys.

Can Rabbits Have Dog Rope Toys?

Yes, rabbits can have dog rope toys since these are usually made out of rabbit-friendly materials.

Rabbits can safely gnaw on dog rope toys and not get any intestinal blockage if they accidentally ingest them.

However, rabbit owners must take note of what a dog rope toy is made out of since there are ropes out there that are not safe for rabbits to nibble on.

Here are some rope materials that are safe for rabbits:

  • Jute. This is safe for rabbits since these are made out of plant fibers.
  • Sisal. This is another safe material for rabbits to chew on since these are made from the leaves of a plant.

The following materials shown below are unsafe for rabbit consumption:

  • Cotton. These don’t break down if rabbits ever end up eating them so it will most likely cause blockage, especially if rabbits have ended up eating a considerable amount.
  • Synthetic materials. These are usually made out of man-made materials like polypropylene.

2. Cardboard

Is Cardboard Safe For Rabbits?

Yes, cardboard is safe for rabbits.

What makes cardboard safe for rabbits? Well, these are usually made out of non-toxic components but do take note that not all cardboards are rabbit-friendly as well.

Another thing that makes cardboard great for rabbits to chew on is its ability to maintain the healthiness of their teeth. Rabbits need to chew on something to keep their teeth healthy and all this can happen if they nibble on cardboard.

In regards to ingesting cardboard, it usually won’t cause any harm to a rabbit if they manage to eat only a small portion of it. Too much of it would be dangerous to a rabbit, so keep that in mind.

Are Cardboard Boxes Safe For Rabbits?

Yes, cardboard boxes are safe for rabbits.

These are not only safe for rabbits to chew on but they can also make use of cardboard boxes as their play area or a hiding place.

But please do inspect the cardboard box first before giving it to a rabbit since most of these are often used to package items, so naturally, these would have staples and tape on them.

Remove all of these dangerous things on the box first, that’s the only time the owners can give it to their rabbits.

Can Rabbits Chew Colored Cardboard?

No, rabbits can’t chew on colored cardboard.

The colorants used in cardboards that have colors are toxic and that is a clear hazard for a rabbit’s health. Keep rabbits away from colored cardboards.

3. Bird Toys

Are Bird Toys Bun Safe?

Yes, bird toys are safe for rabbits.

Bird toys are ideally safe for rabbits, so as long as these are made out of rope or wood.

Some bird toys have dye in them, especially the colorful ones, so watch out for those as the dyes may be toxic. Luckily, not all of these are toxic since they’re safe for bird use.

Another thing to be cautious about when it comes to bird toys is if it has food inside them. Bird toys that have seeds inside them are harmful to rabbits.

For those who may not know, seeds are purely made out of carbohydrates, which makes it harmful for rabbits to ingest.

Can Rabbits Play With Bird Toys?

Yes, rabbits can play with bird toys.

Just make sure that the bird toys that you’re going to purchase don’t have seeds in them and these toys must also be made out of wood or rope.

4. Tennis Balls

Are Tennis Balls Safe For Rabbits?

Yes, tennis balls are safe for rabbits.

The same toys that dogs play with are actually safe for rabbits as well. However, it’s best if owners supervise their rabbits while it plays with tennis balls.

The shell of a tennis ball is covered with either nylon or wool and those can be harmful to a rabbit if ingested.

Can Rabbits Play With Tennis Balls?

Yes, rabbits can play with tennis balls, but they must be under supervision.

5. Pine Cones

Are Pine Cones Safe For Rabbits?

Yes, pine cones are safe for rabbits.

Owners must make sure that the pine cones are dry so that it’s safe for rabbits to chew on. Prior to that, the pine cones must be washed in order to remove any dirt, bugs, and sap.

Can Rabbits Play With Pine Cones?

Yes, rabbits can play with pine cones.

As a matter of fact, playing with pine cones is a great way to stimulate rabbits mentally and keep them from being bored.

6. Plastic Water Bottles

Are Plastic Water Bottles Safe For Rabbits?

Water bottles aren’t safe for rabbits since these are made out of plastic.

Plastic is a harmful material for rabbits, especially if they eat it. It will cause blockage since their digestive system can’t break it down.

Can Rabbits Chew On Plastic Water Bottles?

No, we advise against rabbits chewing on plastic water bottles. These are entirely made out of plastic, which we all know is harmful to them.

Can Rabbits Play With Plastic Bottles?

No, rabbits can’t play with plastic bottles.

Although it may be safe for rabbits to play with plastic bottles if it’s sealed tightly with a cap because that’ll make it harder for the rabbit to actually bite it, we still advise against it.

We wouldn’t want owners to potentially put their rabbit’s life at risk due to accidentally ingesting plastic from plastic bottles.

7. Paper

Is Paper Safe For Rabbits?

Paper is safe for rabbits. However, if rabbits happened to eat a large amount of paper, that would be dangerous.

Can Rabbits Play With Paper?

Yes, rabbits can play with paper.

It’s also safe for rabbits to shred paper themselves, the only time paper can pose a threat is when it gets ingested in large quantities by the rabbits.

Can Rabbits Play With Tissue Paper?

Yes, however, owners must apply the safety rules of paper when it comes to tissue paper as well, so as to avoid harming their rabbits.

8. Yarn

Is Yarn Safe For Rabbits?

No, yarn is not safe for rabbits.

Yarn is either made up of natural or synthetic fibers, so it’s best not to take the risk of exposing rabbits to yarn as they may chew and eat this out of boredom and whatnot.

What String Is Safe For Rabbits?

Strings made out of natural fibers are safe for rabbits. With that being said, the strings should be untreated.

Here’s a list of natural untreated fibers that are safe for rabbits:

  • Seagrass
  • Sisal
  • Raffia

Can Rabbits Play With Yarn?

Rabbits can play with yarn if it’s made out of natural fibers, if it’s not, then rabbits can’t play with them.

9. Tissue Paper

Is Tissue Paper Safe For Rabbits?

Ideally, tissue paper is safe for rabbits, however, it’ll not be safe for them if they ate it in big quantities.

Can Rabbits Play With Tissue Paper?

Rabbits can play with tissue paper, provided that owners keep an eye on them in case they get bored enough to eat the tissue papers.

10. Artificial Grass

Is Artificial Grass Safe For Rabbits?

Artificial grass is not safe for rabbits as they have a tendency of chewing on almost everything.

Artificial grass can also be abrasive so it can possibly hurt a rabbit’s feet.

Can I Put Fake Grass In My Rabbit Cage?

It’s not recommended for owners to put fake grass inside a rabbit cage because it’s not suitable for small animals in the first place.

According to PermaLawn, artificial grass is only suitable for large animals such as dogs.

Can Rabbits Play On Artificial Grass?

Rabbits can’t play on artificial grass because these might hurt their delicate feet, especially if the grass is hard.

11. Newspaper

Is Newspaper Safe For Rabbits?

No, a newspaper is not safe for rabbits because it has print ink on it and that would be harmful to a rabbit because it’s toxic to them.

Can Rabbits Play With Newspapers?

No, rabbits can’t play with newspapers because they have the tendency to chew on the things they play with. We have established that newspapers are toxic for rabbits due to its print ink.

12. Paper Towel Rolls

Are Paper Towel Rolls Safe For Rabbits?

No, paper towels are not safe for rabbits.

If tissue paper is already an issue for rabbits, what more could paper towels do to rabbits? These are thicker compared to tissue paper, so when rabbits chew and eat this, it would be difficult for them to digest.

Can Rabbits Play With Paper Towel Rolls?

No, rabbits can’t play with paper towels as they have the tendency to nibble on them and ultimately cause blockage.

13. Plastic Straws

Are Plastic Straws Safe For Rabbits?

No, plastic straws are not safe for rabbits since these are made out of plastic, which is harmful to them.

Can Rabbits Play With Plastic Straws?

No, rabbits can’t play with plastic straws in order to prevent them from chewing and ingesting it.

14. Teddy Bears

Are Teddy Bears Safe For Rabbits?

Teddy bears and other stuffed animals are safe for rabbits, however, owners must keep a close eye on their rabbits as they play with these because chewing on the stuffing of a stuffed toy is dangerous to their health.

Can Rabbits Play With Teddy Bears?

Yes, rabbits can play with teddy bears, so as long as owners watch out for any chewing going on.