Do Horse Attack? 16 Important Answers To Know!

Horses are usually kind and gentle animals, however, they do tend to become dangerous due to various circumstances. Moreover, there’s a difference between a domestic horse and a wild one when it comes to triggering them to attack.

Most often than not, domestic horses don’t attack humans and other animals on purpose. Although it rarely happens, the possibility of a horse attacking a human or an animal is due to a disorder called pathologic dominance aggression.

Do Horses Attack?

Yes, horses are capable of attacking, however, it’s a rare scenario. A person can actually watch out for signs that a horse may attack. It’s important to educate oneself in regards to these signs.

Some common signals that a horse will give off before it attacks are having its ears back, the head lowered, teeth are bared, and they start kicking around, swishing their tails, etc.


Do Horses Attack Humans?

Horses do attack humans, but they don’t do it for no apparent reason. A horse is classified as prey in the animal kingdom, so it’s not innate in their nature to be the ones who would initiate an attack on humans or other animals. However, it’s important to take note of the fact that horses are fight or flight animals.

There are various conditions that can trigger a horse, and once a horse is triggered, it may start to become pushy and nip at people. This isn’t considered an attack per se but instead, it’s a warning.

Why would a horse attack you?

A horse would attack a person due to several conditions such as:

  • A horse being ill-treated will show signs of aggression and will most likely attack the one who is mistreating them.
  • Horses don’t like it when people invade their personal space. Humans must always show respect to horses and acknowledging that horses have their personal space is considered as showing respect for them.
  • Be careful of startling a horse. In some cases, when a person suddenly startles a horse, whether it’d be on purpose or by accident, the horse may show a sudden outburst that may harm a person.
  • For horse owners, it’s advised for them to have their horses checked from time to time. This is because medical conditions may be a factor in causing aggression in horses. For instance, liver disease affects the brain of a horse and that will ultimately spark aggression.
  • Another scenario in which a horse may show aggression is if it suddenly feels a sharp pain.
  • Another reason that a horse may attack a human is because of displaced social aggression. This happens when a horse is threatened by another horse. The horse that feels threatened doesn’t really have any intentions of fighting the horse it is threatened with, however, it may lash out and possibly harm people and other animals that are within its vicinity.
  • Fear. Anything that may startle or scare the horse will be enough to make them kick as a response to the thing that scared them.
  • Poor environment, food and water. Once a horse is not provided with the right amount of food, water, and a clean area, it will eventually become aggressive. The three basic needs of a horse must always be given to them so that the horses would live a happy and comfortable life.
  • New things may scare a horse. Horses have the tendency to become defensive when they’re faced with new animals, people, or environment. If they’re not properly introduced to these new things, it may be a cause of aggression.
  • Pain. Any animal would react negatively to something that is causing them pain, especially immense ones. Some humans treat horses poorly to the point of abusing them. This is a major cause of aggression in horses and they will definitely protect themselves by attacking.
  • Absence of socialization. Domestic horses are gentle and friendly towards other people because they have been raised well through proper training. Horse owners must always ensure that they train their horses in order for them to not show unwanted behavior towards other people and animals.

Do horses attack walkers?

Yes, horses do attack walkers. There have been several cases throughout the years wherein horses charged at walking people. One attack happened in 2018 where a woman, Rosie McSwiney, was walking her dog in a footpath. She saw a few livestock and a horse on the field.

As she was walking, she noticed that the horse was just grazing along the field, then suddenly as they turned around, the horse was already charging at them. The woman had sustained injuries from the horse’s attack. The horse being so powerful, could’ve killed the woman. Luckily, the woman and her dog survived the attack.

What to do if a horse attacks you?

If you’ve been attacked by someone’s horse, it’s best to confront the owner about it before escalating the issue to the authorities. This is to give the owner some time to train and discipline his horse.

The reason why you wouldn’t want to inform the authorities right away when a horse attacks you is they may be forced to put the horse down, especially if the horse in question is showing aggression.

However, if you’re the one who owns the horse, the best course of action would be to train your horse to behave well. Moreover, your responsibility as an owner is to step up and become a leader to your horse.

A horse will acknowledge you as its leader if they feel that you’re doing a decent job of taking care of it and keeping it safe. If a horse doesn’t respect you, it will most likely attack you.

Can a horse kill you?

A horse is a powerful animal and is capable of killing a person by kicking or charging at them. A horse’s kick has enough power to break a person’s bones, therefore causing severe injuries such as bone fractures, and in some cases, people die from their injuries or die on the spot.

Do Horses Attack Dogs?

Yes, horses attack dogs, but they only do so because they’re afraid.

Why do horses attack dogs?

Horses attack dogs out of fear. Since horses are prey animals, defending themselves would be the normal course of action whether it’d be running away from the threat or confronting the threat by attacking.

The best way to avoid this from happening is by training your horse to socialize with dogs so that they won’t get scared when confronted with a dog.

Can a horse kill a dog?

A horse can definitely kill a dog. If a horse can kill a person, trust that they’re very much capable of killing a dog. A single kick is enough to kill a dog.        

Do Horses Attack Sheep?

Horses do attack sheep, especially if the sheep was just suddenly introduced to the horse. A horse can be terrified of a lot of things, sheep included. Once the horse sees a sheep and gets startled because of its presence, it may kick and buckle which would potentially harm or kill the sheep.

Why do horses attack sheep?

Horses attack sheep out of fear. If the horse is used to being alone and suddenly a sheep shows up in the field with it, it will get scared. The chances of the horse attacking a newly introduced sheep in the field or farm is high.

In order to avoid such scenarios from happening, it’s important to introduce both the horse and sheep to each other gradually.

It’s better to start slow than to suddenly shove the sheep to the horse’s personal space.

Do horses kill sheep?

Horses are capable of killing sheep but they don’t kill sheep on purpose. Again, horses only attack as a form of defense mechanism.

Do Horses Attack Foals?

Yes, horses do attack foals, and most often than not, these horses have the intent to kill.

Why do horses attack foals?

Horses attack foals in order to keep the herd safe. How so? Well, when a foal is born weak, a member of the herd will kill it. If the herd doesn’t kill weak foals it can slow the herd down and that would put the entire herd in danger of being hunted by predators. This is a natural occurrence in the wild because horses do these for the sake of their survival.

Why do stallions kill foals?

A stallion will kill a foal that is not his own. A stallion will also kill a foal that is weak. Stallions do this in order to eliminate the weak ones in the herd.

However, not all stallions carry this kind of behavior because there are stallions that are kind to foals, whether it’d be their own or not.

Do Horses Attack Other Animals?

Horses do attack other animals, but they will only do so if they are threatened by said animals. In most cases, horses would rather run from the threat rather than confront it.

Do Horses Attack Each Other?

Horses do attack each other due to numerous reasons. Violence would occur between horses due to sexual aggression and dominance.

Do horses kill each other?

Horses definitely have the ability to kill each other. Horses are powerful animals and when two strong animals collide, one is surely at risk of being killed by the other.

One common reason as to why a horse would kill a fellow horse is because they are being territorial. If a horse doesn’t approve of the new member being introduced in its pasture, then they will surely attack the new horse and may possibly kill it.

How about Wild Horses? Do They Attack?

If domestic horses are capable of attacking the wild horses are more than capable of attacking. The difference between a domestic horse and a wild one is the latter is not used to the presence of humans. If wild horses are confronted with humans, it’s most likely that they would be threatened and attack people.

However, it’s rare for wild horses to confront and attack threats because their first instinct is to flee the scene. If they’re provoked and alone, the chances of them attacking are very high.


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