Horse VS Moose: The Complete Comparison

Have you ever thought about whether a horse and a moose are related or not to each other? At some point, they have some resemblances making them look associated.

Both of them seem to seize our curiosities with their dignified look and personalities, making them a representation of freedom and power.

But what really makes them similar and different from one another?


Horse and Moose Key Differences

A horse and a moose’s key differences include physical characteristics, social groups, and living conditions.

One of the differences between a horse and a moose is their physical characteristics.

First off – stomach! A horse only has one stomach while a moose has a four-chambered stomach.

A horse is just like humans, it has a simple stomach that can digest all the food it is taking since it is a non-ruminant herbivore. Meanwhile, a moose is a ruminant herbivore having four stomachs to fully absorb the cellulose from the food it is consuming.

Another physical feature that sets moose apart from horses is their antlers.

Unlike male horses, male moose are growing huge and heavy antlers or horns. Usually, these antlers spread 163 centimeters and weigh 20 kilograms.

The social groups of horses and moose also differ.

Horses are known for being a part group called a herd. They are sociable animals and being part of a group protects them from dangers.

However, even though some moose are also forming herds, they tend to become a more solitary animal. They are travelers which makes them hard to track by their predators.

They are the least affable members of the deer family compared to horses that prefer being in an assembly.

The last difference between horses and moose is their living conditions.

Horses are usually living in warm to hot surroundings. Some of the breeds are used to live in high-temperature deserts.

On the contrary, moose typically live in places with a winter season. They prefer cold weather and simply cannot stand warmth over 27 degrees Celsius.

Horse and Moose Similarities

Horses and moose are similar when it comes to their diet, survival strategy, and physical skills.

Even though moose are wild animals, they can be domesticated just like horses!

Both horses and moose are herbivores. Their major source of nutrients is the plants.

As herbivores, they are similarly prey animals that are being hunted by predators.

Not surprisingly, their major escape strategy is flying. They are trotting at their maximum speed for survival. If they get trapped, they are using their powerful legs and thick hooves to kick away their enemies.

Another resemblance between horses and moose is their skills when it comes to swimming. Both of them are strong and competent swimmers.

A moose can swim roughly 9.5 kilometers per hour at maximum and as far as 20 kilometers. It can even hold its breath and stay under the water for 40 to 50 seconds.

A horse can swim up to 4 kilometers per hour. Though, it cannot hold its breath underwater so it keeps its head over the water surface.

Is A Moose Taller Than A Horse?

Yes. A moose is taller than a horse. The tallest moose is listed to be 237 centimeters high while the tallest horse just stood at 210.2 centimeters.

Seeing a moose even from afar, you can tell that they are really huge creatures with a striking appearance.

Moose can grow from 4.6 feet to 6.9 feet on average; that is 140 centimeters to 210 centimeters.

A typical adult bull or male moose will be as tall as 10 feet or 304 centimeters if you will include its head and its horn in height measurement.

Moose are actually the largest member of the species of deers and the tallest mammals in the northern part of America.

In 1897, the tallest moose was first discovered. It was a male Alaskan moose, standing 7.8 feet or 237 centimeters with antlers reaching roughly 79 inches.

As for horses, they can typically grow from 4.7 feet (143 centimeters) to 5.67 feet (172.8) high. Some can even stand up to 6 feet or 182.9 centimeters.

The tallest horse is a Shire horse standing at 7 feet or 213.36 centimeters.

Aside from the tallest horse, you might be interested to know the smallest horse as well.

The smallest horse is named Thumbelina, a miniature sorrel brown mare, that is recognized by the Guinness World Record. Thumbelina is just 22.5 centimeters or just 17.5 inches high.

Is A Moose Heavier Than A Horse?

No. A moose is not heavier than a horse. The largest moose recorded weighed 1,819 pounds compared to the heaviest horse that weighed 3,300 pounds. Horses can definitely become way bigger than moose.

This might be confusing and at the same time surprising for you – knowing that moose actually weigh less compared to horses even though they are taller.

Moose can typically weigh 1,000 pounds based on their breeds, age, and wellness.

A male moose, which is called “bull”, weighs between 838 pounds (380 kilograms) to 1,543 pounds (700 kilograms). As for a female moose or “cow”, the common weight is from 441 pounds (200 kilograms) to 1,080 pounds (490 kilograms).

The tallest moose on record weighed 1,819 pounds or 825 kilograms.

As for the largest horse, it weighed 3,300 pounds or 1496.9 kilograms.

Typically, horses weigh from 900 pounds (408 kilograms) to 2,000 pounds (907 kilograms).

From the heaviest horse, the smallest and lightest horse weighs only 57 pounds or 25.9 kilograms.

Can You Ride A Moose Like A Horse?

No. You cannot ride a moose like a horse as it can endanger your safety and it is illegal in various states.

You might be wondering if a human can ride on a moose since it is huge enough to carry loads on its back, just like a horse.

However, some might not ever want to entertain the thought since the antlers of a male moose look really dangerous.

Well, it is simply not advisable to ride on a moose due to various factors.

The very important consideration is about your protection.

Though moose can become domesticated animals and build a great relationship with humans, they can unexpectedly behave aggressively. The adverse action of moose can commonly be witnessed during their mating season.

Another reason why you cannot ride on a moose just like a horse is that it is forbidden in various countries such as Canada since it is considered a wild animal.

Lastly, moose tend to attack humans. There have been some incidents when moose attacked and even killed humans.

Unlike horses, moose can really hurt humans when they get irritated.

Even though they are part of the deer family, they are usually not the ones who will easily get startled and run away.

Which Is Smarter – A Horse Or A Moose?

Both a horse and a moose are smart in their own special ways.

Horses are simply amazing and intelligent creatures that can capture everyone’s heart.

It is, certainly, smart as it can sense humans’ emotions and communicate to them.

A horse knows if its rider is tense or uncomfortable, making feel the same way too.

Horses are simply sensible animals that love to communicate their emotions through sounds and body movements.

Horses are smart since they are highly trainable. They can learn tricks and follow orders given to them.

As for a moose, its intelligence must be never questioned because its survival instincts in the wild, definitely, show that it is highly capable.

It can usually outsmart its predators with its tactics and powerful physique. It knows very well how to take advantage of its body and strength.

Who Is Faster – A Horse Or A Moose?

A horse is faster than a moose. The recorded top speed of a horse is 88 kilometers per hour compared to a moose which can only go up to 56 kilometers per hour at maximum.

You can never think twice about the speed of a horse. It is simply way faster compared to other animals just like moose.

On average, a horse can run from 30 miles to 40 miles per hour; that is 48 kilometers to 64 kilometers per hour.

The fastest horse clocked a speed of 54 miles per hour or 88 kilometers per hour.

Although a moose can run quite fast, it cannot beat a horse in a race.

Moose can only run up to 35 miles per hour or 56 kilometers per hour on short lengths.

As for running over longer distances, they can trot at 20 miles per hour or 32 kilometers per hour.

Are Moose Stronger Than Horses?

No. Moose are not stronger than horses. Horses are stronger as they are used for heavy work requiring great stamina and agility ever since compared to moose that are typically living freely in the wild.

Horses are being bred to become even stronger over centuries as they are basically one of the most important animals for humans.

They have a large heart, thick muscles, strong legs, and powerful lungs to support the heavy tasks they need to perform.

They are proven to successfully transport heavy goods, pull carriages, and carry people on their backs.

As for moose, even though they are huge and physically strong, they are not used to doing what horses can do.


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