Pegasus: 18 Common Questions Answered!

Not only children love magical creatures. Even adults still get fascinated with unusual characters though they are just products of one’s imagination.

Seeing a mythical flying horse is certainly a sight to behold. You can commonly read one as a character in books or watch it in movies.

The most famous flying horse is Pegasus, a significant part of Greek mythology that still gets everyone’s curiosity about its true story.


Is A Pegasus Horse Real?

No. The Pegasus horse is not real as it is just part of Greek mythology.

Pegasus is not a real horse as it is just a very famous creature in Greek myths.

Pegasus is a fictitious horse with wings that can soar high up in the sky.

As told in stories, Pegasus is the son of Poseidon and Medusa. He and his brother Chrysaor sprang out from the neck of their mother, Medusa, when she was beheaded by Perseus.

Eventually, Pegasus got separated from his brother, Chrysaor. He was known to be wild but a magnificent creature during his earlier life.

Pegasus went to Mount Helicon which was the home of the Muses. At the mountain, he built a spring that can release some of the power of the Muses.

Pegasus was an inspirational figure. Lots of painters and sculptors simply cannot resist his beauty and strength that they wanted him to become a part of their work.

Is Pegasus Male Or Female?

Pegasus is a male horse as he was a stallion.

Pegasus is a boy’s name which means “from a water spring”.

He was living harmoniously with his spring in Mount Helicon when his power started to get noticed by others.

A Greek hero named Bellerophon tricked Pegasus so he can use him in a battle. Bellerophon was recognized as the most prominent hero and executioner of monsters in mythology.

Pegasus was deceived to wear a bewitched bridle, made by Athena, helping Bellerophon tame him and went to a fight against Chimera, a monster breathing fire that is a half lion and a half serpent.

However, the practice of using Pegasus has changed over time.

Today, the pegasus name is portrayed as simply as any winged horse. It became the name of the specific breed of equines with wings. It can actually be a male or female horse that could or could not possess a horn.

Is Pegasus Extinct?

No. Pegasus is not extinct as it did not truly exist in the first place.

Pegasus is basically a legend from Greek mythology.

For species to be acknowledged as extinct, they should have no living members anymore. This simply means that they were of the great population before; but then, they have ceased breeding for a long period of time and their lineage died already.

In the myth, Pegasus is simply the name of one creature and not a group of species. He had no family or friends with the same physique like him.

Is Pegasus Immortal?

Yes. Pegasus is immortal according to the Greek myth.

Being the son of a god and a monster, Pegasus became an immortal creature with a stockpile of supernatural powers.

Aside from the ability to fly, Pegasus has the ability to go back and forth from the mortal realm to the immortal realm.

He can also create stunning springs of water as his hooves thumped the Earth.

As Pegasus went to Olympus, he became the carrier of Zeu’s thunder and lightning bolts during battles. Whenever he is in a bad temper, the clapping of his wings can bring a thunder-like sound in the sky.

Zeus rewarded Pegasus for his bravery and loyalty to him. He was honored in the sky, honored as a constellation with a similar name.

Pegasus as a constellation marks the start of the spring season. In Greece, his presence means the season of thunderstorms.

Is Pegasus White Or Black?

Pegasus is a white-winged horse.

Pegasus is widely recognized as a pure white horse.

It is an elegant and powerful horse that can only be commanded with a bewitched golden bridle.

Is Pegasus A Real Animal?

No. Pegasus is not a real animal that you can see today. Its existence was only heard in Greek myths.

No one can confirm the existence of the Pegasus or a horse with wings in today’s time.

A winged horse that can fly is still an image that cannot simply turn into reality.

It is impossible for a horse to be able to fly given its physique.

Horses are too large and bulky. Wings are basically limbs and horses got only four. There is no room for the additional muscles that are needed for the wings to be adequately strong to fly.

Is Pegasus Good Or Bad?

Pegasus is a good mythical winged horse as it did not try to harm others and is a true loyal creature.

Pegasus wanted a peaceful life as he was living far in a mountain in his earlier life. He was content then.

Even though he was tricked by Bellerophon to be his battle horse, Pegasus cooperated and had lots of great fights with him.

The good personality of Pegasus was proven more when he saved Bellerophon’s life as he tried to ride him up to Mount Olympus. Pegasus knew then that it would be dangerous for Bellerophon to attempt going to the home of gods; and so, he threw him to the ground.

As Pegasus reached Mount Olympus, Zeus made him his thunder and lightning holder. As a reward for his loyalty, Zeus put him up in the sky and turned him into a constellation.

Does Pegasus Have A Horn?

No. Pegasus has no horn, rather just wings.

What sets Pegasus apart from other normal horses is his wings.

He does not have a horn. A horse with a horn is called a unicorn.

What Is Pegasus Known For?

Pegasus is known for his wings and supernatural powers.

Pegasus is a very famous character in Greek mythology.

Aside from his wings, he is a son of a well-known god and monster as well. He also has a twin brother who is actually a human.

In addition to his unique looks and ability to fly, Pegasus has the power to go back and forth from the mortal realm to the immortal realm.

Likewise, he can create stunning springs of water as his hooves thumped the Earth. He can also bring a thunder-like sound in the sky when he claps his wings if he is in a bad mood.

Does Pegasus Have Wings?

Yes. Pegasus has wings that help him to fly.

Pegasus is an immortal white-winged horse.

His main skill is flying. He can fly to anywhere that he wants, may it be in the mortal realm or in the immortal realm. He can carry a human on his back and fight in a battle bravely as well.

Where Does Pegasus Come From?

Pegasus came from the severed neck of his mother, Medusa.

Pegasus is a son of Poseidon, the god of the sea, and Medusa, a monstrous Gorgons with a hair of venomous snakes.

Pegasus and his brother, Chrysaor, sprang out from the neck of their mother when Perseus cut off her head.

What Does Pegasus Eat?

Pegasus eats vegetables, fruits, and grass.

Similar to typical horses, Pegasus consumes a considerable amount of fresh and healthy food. Food intake should be limited since it needs its body and bones to be light enough to be able to fly.

It is consuming citrus fruits, berries, and apples. It is also eating vegetables like carrots, grass such as wheat, and some herbs.

Some also say that it is eating nectar and ambrosia as same with the gods and goddesses.

Can Pegasus Talk?

No. Pegasus cannot talk.

Just like other normal horses, Pegasus cannot simply talk and communicate his thoughts just like humans or other gods.

He can just express his feelings through movements and sounds.

Can A Pegasus Be Black?

Yes. A Pegasus can be black as time passes by with different adaptations.

The original Pegasus from Greek mythology is only depicted as pure white.

However, with various alterations while passing the myths from generation to generation, Pegasus became synonymous with its breed’s name and so different colors of winged horses were introduced.

Some Pegasus or winged horses are given not just a black color, rather other shades as well.

Can A Pegasus Become An Alicorn?

Yes. A Pegasus can become an Alicorn which is a combination of a Pegasus and a Unicorn.

An Alicorn is a fictional winged unicorn that may either be a variant or combination of Pegasus and unicorn.

Alicorn is usually a famous portrait in art.

It is usually imagined with a pure white coat and wings; however, can also be in different shades.

Just like a unicorn, it has a horn placed on its forehead. As for Pegasus, it has a similar set of feathery wings that can help it to fly.

What Kind Of Horse Is Pegasus?

Pegasus is a member of a distinct breed of horse called pterippus.

In Greek mythology, Pegasus is a part of “pterippus” – a magical breed of horses that has wings and can fly.

In plural form, the breed is called Pterippi which are natives of the place named Equestria.

It is said that Pterippi can walk on clouds and even control them as well as the weather. However, they need some magic to be able to fly as their builds are not amply competent to do so on their own.

Pegasus is just a name of a member of Pterripus. But since he is the only winged horse in Greek myths, his name becomes identical to the breed.

Why Is Pegasus White?

Pegasus is white as it is a symbol of balance, harmony, and goodness.

Pegasus exemplifies a good attitude that created a well-balanced surrounding around him. He wants to live simply and in peace.

Why Is Pegasus Black?

Pegasus is black as it is a symbol of authority and protection.

Pegasus is simply a symbolism of power. It has a strong mind that can make effective decisions for itself. It represents protection as well as he is after the safety of anyone that he is currently serving. He is willing to fight for his comrade and give his very best to win every battle.


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