Stallions & Geldings: Which is Faster? (Speed Queries Answered!)

If you are a first-time owner, choosing the kind of horse to raise is one of the most important and hard parts since you got a lot to pick from. You will need to select a specific breed, age, and gender. 

If you are looking for a racehorse, the usual preference is to get yourself a male horse. It could either be a stallion or gelding. 

So what is the difference between a stallion and a gelding? Which is faster? Which is easier to manage and train?

Which Horse is Faster, Male or Female?

A male horse runs faster than a female horse. The majority of the winners in competitions, like those on British flat racing, were male horses. It has been reported that 67% of the winners were males compared to only 33% that were females.

The physical attributes of a male horse have a significant role in why it frequently defeats a female horse in a running match. Because male horses are slightly bigger and taller, they can stretch their strides longer.


Are Race Horses Stallions or Geldings?

Racehorses could either be stallions or geldings. Stallions and geldings are both male horses which means they can definitely show off and run impressively on a race track. 

Your male horse that has intact balls and uncastrated is called a stallion. If you got a winning stallion, breeding after retirement would give you first-class and expensive offspring.

If you have decided that your horse will undergo a surgical procedure to remove its manhood, your horse will be termed “gelding” once it is castrated.


Are Stallions Fast?

Stallions are fast as running is in horses’ nature as a means to escape predators.

Horses’ physique is created for fleeing swiftly. As prey animals, horses usually encounter situations where they need to save themselves from different enemies like wolves.

Without the ability to run rapidly, all horses that will be hunted by predators will die as they are not defensive and aggressive animals. They are not tailored to fight head to head. 

Running fast is the ultimate defense mechanism of horses.

How Fast Can A Stallion Horse Run?

A horse can run from 30 mph up to 55 mph, in general. Your horse’s running speed depends on various factors such as breed, maturity, agility, and stamina.

Are you still confused about which breed to raise and train that would be perfect for racing competitions?

The Thoroughbred and American Quarter are the top picks as they are considerably faster than other breeds. The average running speed of the Thoroughbred is between 35 to 45 mph while the American Quarter can run from 45 to 55 mph. 

Are Stallions Used in Horse Racing?

Stallions are used in horse racing as male horses are the typical choice for competitions. Stallions are male horses that dominate racing competitions over female horses.

During the early times, horses are meant for industrial purposes only. They were pulling carriages and can be ride on directly for transportation. 

It was at the beginning of the 1600s when stallions started to join racing to know which is the fastest, to entertain people, and of course, for money.

Are Stallions Allowed To Race?

Stallions are allowed to race if they meet specific qualifications such as age, passing the performance test, and veterinary prerequisites

On average, a racehorse is permitted to start competing as early as 2 years old. 

It may retire when it is 4 to 5 years old, the time when it is in its best form. It is quite a short career journey, right?

If you want your stallion to race, it should pass various performance tests too depending on the requirements of the specific competition it will be joining.

The health of your horse is equally important to ensure it will be safe while competing, as same as the jockey. 

No one wants to see a horse fainting while running on the track as this will surely lead to accidents and injuries. 

Are Stallions Good Race Horses?

Stallions are good racehorses if they are well taken care of and trained excellently.

You can easily pick a possible winner just by looking at the horses inside the race track before the competition even starts.

A good racehorse possesses a dominant aura with a great physical figure. Since stallions are male horses, they are expected to have a bigger and taller figure over females. 

For your stallion to be a good racehorse, it must have great wellbeing which is reflected with its shiny coat, well-toned muscles, and relaxed presence. 

Effective and regular training is highly important for your stallions to be competent in track as they tend to be erratic and hostile at times.

Those stallions that have a successful career in racing will be retained for breeding purposes once they retire. The offspring of a top stallion and a broodmare, a retired female racehorse, will cost you fortunes, around $150,000 and more.

Are Stallions Faster Than Mares? 

Stallions are faster than mares because of their hormones and physical attributes.

Stallions are producing testosterone that affects their body and disposition. Testosterones help in building more muscles, distinct and stronger top necks, and develop more confidence. 

Since stallions are bigger, taller, and stronger, they can stride farther and faster. 

As for the mares, they are quite smaller than stallions.

The hormones of mares also affect their temper which likewise controls their running aptitudes. A mare would be normally quite docile; however, it can be erratic during its period days. 

Do Mares and Stallions Race Together?

Mare and stallions race together for specific competitions.  In a typical racing competition today, both male and female horses can participate as long as they meet the standard requirements.

It is interesting to know that there are competitions specifically planned based on gender. One is the Secretariat race where only stallions are allowed to join. Meanwhile, the Ruffian race is specially designed for mares or female racehorses only.


Do Geldings Run Faster?

Geldings run faster because their castration positively impacted their speed and consistency.

Gelding a horse will help in reaching its maximum speed by developing its attention. Its mind will be more focused on following the orders of its jockey inside the track. 

Gelding horses can likewise be helpful to make them less distracted; making them more consistent with their performance. 

However, not all geldings will increase their speed and consistency as lots of factors can still affect their actions. Constant and effective training will make all things happen as planned so you need to be a great trainer or hire an expert. 

How Fast Can a Gelding Horse Run?

A gelding can run from 30 to 55 miles per hour. Geldings’ running capability is just the same as the stallions and mares.

Depending on various factors like age and training, geldings could either be faster or slower compared to other horses.

Why Geldings Make Noise When They Run?

Geldings make a sucking sound when they run as air is being drawn into their cuts after castration.

The rare sound comes from deep wounds in the groin area as the air passes, usually heard during walks. Geldings do not trot when they have large lesions within that area.

Geldings and other horses make sounds too when their muscles are tensed, getting air trapped within sheaths which cause the noise when trotting. 

Dirty sheaths can also make noise so it is advisable to clean it always not just to get rid of the sound, but for cleanliness and hygiene as well.

Are Geldings Faster Than Mares? 

Geldings are faster than mares because of their gender and character. Geldings are male horses which mean they have longer stretch and quicker retreat time. Mares are shorter which gives them physical disadvantages.

Compared to mares that may be moody at times, geldings are tamer and submissive as they do not produce hormones that can make them aggressive. 

Geldings are well-behaved and warmer compared to mares as well. These characteristics make geldings easier to train and reach their maximum possible speed quicker than mares.

Nonetheless, there are still mares that can outshine geldings in the race track. At the end of the day, incomparable care, pronounced training, and a great relationship developed between the horse and its jockey are the most important to win every race.

Are Stallions Faster Than Geldings?

Stallions are typically not faster than geldings. Usually, geldings are faster than stallions because they are more focused when it comes to racing. This is the reason why owners would want to castrate their horses.

Compared to stallions, geldings are less moody and calmer which makes them easier to manage. 

After being castrated, geldings would not think about stimulating actions anymore since they no longer produce testosterone. This positively impacts their temperament, making them feel less anxiety and pressure; less aggressive as well. 

With the kind of disposition that a gelding has, it has a bigger chance to win in racing. If you have a gelding, its attention will be focused on following you, running fast as it can, and be the first to reach the finish line.


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