Are Horses Afraid Of Camels? No. Now Find Out Why

If you own horses for quite some time, you might be familiar with the things that can make them jump off their feet. They are gentle, curious, and friendly animals that might feel easily threatened with something unusual; it is simply part of their nature.

Camels are one big creature that can be compared to horses. There have been lots of speculations that horses are afraid of them.

Do you think horses are really scared of camels?

Are Horses Afraid Of Camels?

No. Horses are not afraid of camels. They just avoid camels because of their stinging smell that alarm and disorient them.

Have you seen a horse that seems to be always scared of everything?

This is actually normal to most of them as they are flight animals. As the perfect prey to carnivores, they are always running to escape and save their lives.

This is one of the reasons why they are cautious of everything new to them. They may get curious, but will always choose to put up their defense.

If they get introduced to camels for the first time, they usually move away not because they are afraid.

Camels have a very unpleasant smell that horses do not like.

Horses will not come close to camels because their smell alarms or even disorients them. They are not used to that kind of stench so they are not comfortable sniffing it around.

Do Horses And Camels Get Along?

Yes. Horses and camels can get along if they are properly introduced to each other and have spent quite some time together.

It is not common to see a camel and a horse sharing one roof.

Well, camels are commonly seen in desert places which are rarely found around the world.

There are beliefs that horses are afraid or hate camels because of certain reasons.

Do you think these two creatures can possibly build a good relationship and cope up with each other’s differences?

Not all animals can get along well since they have specific characteristics that might simply threaten others.

As for the case of horses and camels, there have been lots of circumstances where they are raised successfully together.

The rural economy in some parts of Kazakhstan and Mongolia are still breeding horses and camels together to supply their local needs such as milk and meat.

It is not impossible for horses and camels to live in the same environment considering their similarities.

Both of them are eating grass and plants as they are herbivores. This makes them prey animals since they are not after eating meat.

One of their common predators is the wolves. Wolves know that they are vulnerable and would commonly run to save their lives.

Being flight animals, horses are generally afraid of everything new to them.

Horses are curious and can be easily trained. They are very friendly too. That is why introducing camels to them properly and effectively will result in establishing a great rapport.

Camels and horses are also staying in groups called herds. They are both raised in the same environment that gives them safety. They understand pretty well the kind of connection that is being nurtured within their herds.

Both of them also have a passive attitude. Being prey animals, horses and camels are generally sociable and docile. However, they also fight back if needed through biting and kicking.

All these similarities only show that horses and camels can live together as they will understand each others’ actions and thinking.

Are Horses Stronger Than Camels?

No. Horses are not stronger than camels. Camels can carry up to 600 pounds while average horses can hardly carry up to 400 pounds.

Both horses and camels are exceptional modes of transportation since the ancient periods. They can carry people and heavy objects on their backs with no hesitations.

Certainly, no one can dispute the energy and stamina of these two animals. However, camels are stronger than horses as you can load them with heavier weight.

Horses can only carry up to 20% of their body weight as per the United States regulation. An average horse will usually weigh 900 pounds to 2,000 pounds.

After doing the calculations, a 900-pound horse can carry 180 pounds while a 2,000-pound horse can carry 400 pounds on its back.

As for camels, they are heavier compared to horses which makes them more powerful.

There are two kinds of camels – dromedary camels with only one hump and Bactrian camels with two humps. The hump contains stored fat which camels can consume if food and water are limited.

A dromedary camel can grow up to 6.5 feet and weigh around 880 pounds to 1,325 pounds. It can carry up to 220 pounds or 100 kilograms in a 60-kilometer ride during nighttime.

Meanwhile, a Bactrian camel can stand up to 6 feet and weigh from 1,320 pounds to 2,200 pounds. It can carry over 440 pounds or 200 kilograms in a 50-kilometer trip under the heat of the sun.

A camel can carry around 375 pounds to 600 pounds on average; that is 170 kilograms to 270 kilograms. Camels are then called “ships of the desert” with their incredible power.

Are Horses Faster Than Camels?

Yes. Horses are faster than camels. Horses can run 88 kilometers per hour at maximum while camels can only go up to 67 kilometers per hour. These rates show that camels get to be left behind if they will race with horses.

Racing will always be part of horses’ lives. Since then and up until now, they have been playing significant parts in the transportation, tourism, and racing industry.

Horses are recognized to possess great speed, physique and intelligence, making them champs over other animals.

As for camels, they are one of the top choice animals when it comes to carrying heavy objects. Their strengths are incomparable, likewise their physical form that can sustain their well-being even without food and water for some time.

Aside from the great power of camels, you might be surprised to know that they can also run pretty fast.

There had been camel racing during ancient times, and until today, this event is very much alive and continuously recognized.

Camel racing can be traced back to ancient Islamic times. During the 7th century, camel racings were happening on the Arabian Peninsula.

If camel racing was just part of festivals before, it is now considered a formal sport. It is managed by various organizations with some rules and regulations to follow.

Camel racing is particularly popular in the Arab countries where they develop their own breeding, research, and training businesses.

Camels have a distinct set of feet which help them to walk easily on the sand since they are usually found in deserts. Their foot has broad and durable pads with two toes.

A walking camel has a speed of 5 kilometers per hour. Inside the racing track, it can gallop around 25 kilometers per hour on average. As for the fastest clocked speed of a camel, it can reach up to 67 kilometers per hour or 40 miles per hour.

However, a horse is way faster than a camel since it can run at 88 kilometers per hour or 54 miles per hour at maximum.

Do Horses Hate Camels?

No. Horses do not hate camels in general. They just don’t like their unpleasant odor that is staying in their sense of smell.

Just like being not afraid, horses do not hate camels as well.

In fact, they can get along together as they share lots of similarities. They are both herbivores, members of herds, fast runners, passive, and very friendly.

Horses simply do not like strange smells that can linger in their nose. These pungent smells can make them feel uneasy, especially during first encounters.

If you will be in a horse’s shoe, you will definitely not stay with a person you do not know, you just met, and smell terrible.Humans and horses’ instincts are simply the same. If you are with a stranger, you will probably be cautious.

But just like other animals, horses will not avoid or run away from camels if they get used to their presence and smell.

What Animals Do Horses Hate?

Horses hate butterflies, birds, cats, and dogs.

You might find it funny to discover that horses hate butterflies. With their big size, they simply avoid these harmless, flying creatures.

Horses hate butterflies because of their presence and colors that might be surprising.

Just like butterflies, birds are small creatures that horses do not like. Horses do not like birds because they can startle them with their unexpected presence and sounds.

Even domesticated cats and dogs might not get along well with horses.

Horses tend to be a little aggressive to smaller animals if not properly introduced. If they are not familiar with new animals, they might get tensed and even kick or bite.

The loud barks of dogs can distract or disorient horses if they are not used to hearing them. Horses do not like hearing unusual noises as such caused them anxiety. As for cats, their swift movement can agitate horses as well.


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