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Robert Taylor is the person behind this site. He’s in charge of all content and editing.


Hello! I’m Robert Taylor.

I am a website publisher, a passionate writer, and a certified animal lover!

For the last couple of years, I have published various websites that mainly reflect my great interests in life. I am crafting every article that you can read on my sites as if I am personally talking to my readers and sharing my knowledge with them. I believe that for us to live with contentment, we should always show appreciation and not at any moment hesitate to share what we have with others. Hence, my very own way of sharing is through digital processes. I am hoping that via informative content that everyone can read and share on my websites, I will be able to extend help.

My family and friends would commonly describe me as a soul with overflowing ideas and knowledge. These are exactly what I want to share with the world through my writings. I want to help others with their exploration in discovering new things! I want to offer them comprehensive content that can provide reliable and interesting information. I am very passionate about my works and so, I want my readers to feel my excitement as they read my articles. I am choosing unusual topics that have limited information on the Internet. I simply want to suffice the curiosity of my readers regarding underrated questions.

As a kid, I grew up in a festive, warm home surrounded by various amazing pets. I remembered waking up on a cold Sunday seeing my fluffy gray cat at the end of my bed – looking at me with its blue eyes, purring softly while wagging its tail; as if it was greeting me a “Good morning”. My whole family simply adores all kinds of animals and is particularly zealous in advocating for them. I just could not imagine myself without our pets as they definitely brought and continue to bring more happiness, gratification, and positivism in our lives!

With my great adoration for our pets, I decided to publish this website specifically bestowing information about the animal kingdom. I have decided to focus the site’s contents on horses, birds, turtles, rabbits, and hamsters with roughly 200 articles. There are lots of questions that have limited answers, or worst, being responded to incorrectly in the pet’s niche. I simply aim to share helpful and accurate tips on how you can fully attend to your pets and be able to show you tender love for them. You and your pets can share and enjoy a great, long life together ahead if they will be suitably taken care of!

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