Fluval Brand: 11 Helpful Answers You Should Know (For Beginners)

Fluval is a well-known and established brand for providing top-notch aquatic products. They’ve been in the industry for 30 years and during that run, they’ve been providing nothing but quality products.

But like any other brand, Fluval also has its pros and cons. Are Fluval filters noisy perhaps? Is the expensive price tag for Fluval filters justifiable? Read along the article if you want to know more.

Are Fluval Filters Noisy?

Fluval filters can be a bit noisy at times and the noise would most likely be caused by vibrations.

Fluval is mostly known for its canister filters and these types of filters shouldn’t be noisy at all. Canister filters are regarded as top-notch filters since they’re quieter compared to other filters (e.g. HOB filters).

However, there are quite some people that complain about their Fluval filters being so noisy, specifically, their Fluval canister filters. Several factors may contribute to the noise coming from Fluval filters, some of which are:

  • The impeller head may be loose.
  • There are broken parts in the canister filter which would most likely cause vibration and rattling noises.
  • The filter may be dirty and that is another common cause of the noise.
  • If noise is coming from the motor, then that may be a sign that the impeller should be replaced with a new one.
  • Noise may also come from tubing that has formed loops. The loops would be trapping air in them and that would cause noise.
  • The unit received must’ve been a faulty one.

There are solutions to the problems listed above, however, if problems persist, then you must contact the manufacturer, Fluval, to assist you with your noisy filter.

Why Is My Fluval 306 Filter Noisy?

Your Fluval 306 filter is noisy due to your impeller. That would be one of the main causes of a noisy Fluval filter, however, you must also check the hose (that pushes water back to the tank) and see if it’s attached closely to the canister. When people adjusted their hoses this way, their Fluval 306 filter became quiet.

Several factors contribute to noise coming from Fluval canister filters and any brand of canister filter for that matter.

The ones we’ve mentioned above are some of the most common scenarios that make Fluval 306 canister filters noisy. Take note that there have been quite a few aquarists that experienced having noisy units and solved it by:

  • Making sure that the impeller is seated properly and not loose.
  • The hose that pushes water back to the tank is attached closer to the canister filter itself.
  • Ensuring that the tubing of the canister filter isn’t entangled.
  • Ensuring that the bottom of the filter is equal on all sides. Canister filters that seem to lean more on one side would most likely cause rattling and vibrating noises.

With that being said, the noise coming from Fluval 306 filters can be fixed easily with the solutions mentioned above. If it doesn’t, do contact the manufacturer and ask for assistance with your unit.

Why Are Fluval Tanks So Expensive?

Fluval tanks are expensive because they are all-in-one tanks, meaning you won’t have to buy extra accessories for them once you purchase them. Also, their sleek and unique design plus brand name are contributors to the expensive price tag.

A lot of aquarists agree that Fluval tanks are worth the purchase because it already has all the accessories you need for a fully functional tank. The majority of their tanks would come with a box filter, LED lighting, and a pump. The only things you need to add are gravel and your tank inhabitants.

Moreover, people get the chance to modify their Fluval tanks as well so that’s a plus. In terms of aesthetics, Fluval tanks are arguably the best-looking ones out there. The design is clean, sleek, and unique. The Fluval Edge is one of the most beautiful tanks we’ve seen.

Furthermore, it’s expected for Fluval tanks to have an expensive price tag because they’re an aquatics brand that’s been in the industry for years, and this has made them improve on their products in the long run. Thus, people receive nothing but quality and durable products.

Needless to say, Fluval knows what they’re doing and they’re good at it and that justifies the price of their tanks and the other products that they offer.

Which Is Better Fluval Or Juwel?

Jewel would be the better brand compared to Fluval. Aquarists agree on this since Juwel provides better tanks that are bang for the buck. Also, some of the tanks they sell come with a cabinet already, so that’s convenient for most people.



  • A reputable brand that is considered as one of the best aquatics tank and filter providers in America.
  • Offer a wide range of aquatics products that are durable, reliable, and of high quality.
  • Fluval tanks are made of quality materials, aesthetics are top-notch, and some tank models already come with accessories so you won’t have to purchase them separately and worry about accessories that won’t be compatible with the tank.
  • Fluval filters are also made of quality materials. Also, most of Fluval’s filters are equipped with great features such as: preventing clogs by using an intake strainer and a double-layer mesh screen, great capacities that can be used for different tank sizes, prime features, easy maintenance, lack of noise, three-stage filtrations, etc.
  • Fluval’s products are built to last. The great thing about the durability of their products is they are resistant to cracks and harsh impacts.


  • Fluval products are expensive. Some aquarists find the expensiveness of their products justifiable while others think that it’s not worth it to splurge on because there would be other great brand alternatives to Fluval (this will be tackled in the article as well).
  • There have been reports of Fluval filters being prone to leaks and noise. However, these issues can be solved easily by using the appropriate solutions.



  • Juwel is a reputable brand and has earned the spot for being Europe’s no.1 Aquarium Brand.
  • Juwel offers various products like aquarium tanks, filters, lighting, decorations, accessories (SmartCam, heaters, automatic feeders, etc.)
  • Juwel tanks are durable, offer a lot of size range, color options, and offer beautiful designs that would compliment any home. Also, their tanks come with cabinets already, so all you have to purchase is an external filter (canister filter) and plop it inside the cabinet.
  • Juwel tanks come with accessories like a filter, a heater, and LED lighting. In terms of durability, aquarists have shared their experience with their Juwel tank accessories, all of which are positive. One aquarist has stated that their LED lighting lasted for 16 years without replacing or repairing it.
  • The internal filters that come with the Juwel tanks don’t eat up the space inside the tank, whereas the filters that come with Fluval tanks are the exact opposite. That’s one of the reasons why aquarists prefer Juwel tanks over Fluval tanks.
  • Juwel tanks and filters are fairly easy to maintain and clean.
  • Juwel products are a lot cheaper compared to other well-known brands like Fluval.


  • A few aquarists complain about Juwel’s internal filters because they can’t house that much beneficial bacteria. These aquarists had to replace their internal filters with a different filtration system or just replace the filter media (most likely using a sponge filter to keep more beneficial bacteria).

Are Fluval Aquarium Heaters Fully Submersible?

Yes, Fluval aquarium heaters are fully submersible. There are two series’ from Fluval’s heaters that are fully submersible, namely, these are Fluval M Series and P Series.

All heaters that would come from the Fluval M Series and P Series are designed to be fully submersible inside a tank, so you won’t have to worry about breaking the heater when putting it inside the tank and submerging it.

If you’re planning to get a submersible heater for your tank, make sure that it’s a type of heater that can be fully submerged in water because different types of heaters function differently from each other.

Here are the common types of aquarium heaters:

  • Submersible aquarium heaters. These heaters are specifically made to be completely submerged in water without being damaged. With that being said, it’s considered to be the most effective type of aquarium heater because it comes in direct contact with water.

When setting up a submersible aquarium heater, it mustn’t be placed near gravel/substrate as it may cause cracks in your heater. However, for Fluval submersible heaters, cracking shouldn’t be a problem since it’s made out of borosilicate glass.

Borosilicate glass can tolerate heat so even though it’s near substrate/gravel, the heat coming from them won’t affect a Fluval heater.

  • Immersible aquarium heaters. These are the most affordable and commonly used types of heaters and they’re also known as hanging aquarium heaters. Take note that immersible heaters shouldn’t be used in saltwater tanks because that would lead to several problems such as getting salt into the heater’s glass tube.
  • Substrate aquarium heaters. This type of aquarium heater conducts heat through wires that are kept inside an insulator. This heater isn’t commonly used for fish-only tanks, rather, they’re a perfect fit for planted tanks. Plants need heat to keep their roots from freezing.

Are Fluval And AquaClear The Same?

Fluval and AquaClear are the same because they come from the same brand; Hagen. The only difference between them would be the name.

A lot of people are often confused between Fluval and AquaClear since they stumble upon product after product from both of these brands that are similar. This stirs up confusion since aquarists think that one brand must be selling a fake item, however, that’s not the case.

AquaClear is a subsidiary brand of the company called Hagen, also, we all know that Hagen owns Fluval as well. There’s no explanation as to why both Fluval and AquaClear are selling the same products (especially on Amazon). But do take note that AquaClear also sells products like filters and pumps.

You probably might be wondering, “Which brand offers better aquarium products?”. Well, both come from Hagen so Fluval and AquaClear would offer the same high-quality products. However, Fluval offers a broader range of products, so it would be a great choice to go for Fluval products.

Of course, the decision would be entirely up to you.

Is Fluval A German Company?

Hagen is a company founded and established in Canada, therefore, Fluval is a Canadian company.

Fluval products are manufactured by Hagen and as we all know, this company’s headquarters are located in Canada. Hagen also has subsidiaries in Germany, France, England, and the United States.

Moreover, some aquarists speculate that Fluval’s products are made from China. That could be a possibility since another aquatics brand like Elheim started having their products made in China. In addition, aquarists started to notice that Elheim’s products started to become poorer in quality.

The major cause of this would be when the products started to become manufactured by China. With that being said, Fluval products are most likely still being manufactured by the US. This is purely speculation as well since there’s not much info regarding the country of origin of Fluval’s manufacturer.

Why Is My Fluval Filter Leaking?

Your Fluval filter is leaking possibly due to the seal ring being dry and not lubricated. Another common cause of leakage would be the hose being loosely attached to the filter itself.

Most often than not, when Fluval filters leak, the solution for this type of issue would be an easy one. Always check your o-rings or seal ring and see if it’s dry. If it’s dry then lubricate it, however, if it already has cracks and looks like it’s about to break, then that would be a clear sign to replace it.

If you regularly lubricate your o-rings then that would prolong their lifespan. In addition, loosely fitted hoses would also cause leakage. Ensure that the hose of your filter is attached properly so that leaks would be prevented.

Why Is My Fluval Heater Flashing Blue?

The flashing blue light of a Fluval heater means that the temperature of the tank is low.

The flashing blue light of Fluval heaters usually happens during winter as well. It would be best to get a second heater so that your tank and its inhabitants stay warm.

If you want the flashing blue light to disappear, give it some time and it would eventually turn green. This is a common occurrence in tanks so it’s usually not a serious issue. Just give your heater some time to warm up the tank and the flashing blue light will go away.

Do take note that Fluval heaters have other color indicators. This would help people know the temperature in their tanks, ultimately, people would know what to do when their tanks get too hot or too cold. Here are the following color indicators of Fluval heaters:

  • Flashing red light. If you see your Fluval heater flashing red light, this means that it’s in the process of heating the water in your tank.
  • Flashing green light. If you see your Fluval heater flashing green light, this means that your tank has reached the right temperature.

The flashing color indicators aforementioned don’t apply to every aquarium heater. There’s a big possibility for color indicators to vary depending on the brand of heater.

Is There Any Alternative Brand For Fluval?

Aqueon, API, Aqua One, Interpret, PetCo, Hikari, Hamilton Technology, Tetra, and Marineland would be the best brand alternatives for Fluval.

All these brands provide fish care products that are top-notch in quality and durability. Also, these brands have been in the industry for a long time, so you know you’re in good hands.

The following brands we’ve mentioned above are popular ones and have received high rankings from fish keepers. Most often than not, these brands are ranked as Amazon’s Choice due to the quality, reliability, and durability that they offer.

Moreover, some of these brands are a great alternative for Fluval because their products are way cheaper without sacrificing quality. Remember that Fluval isn’t the only fish care brand that you can rely on because there are a lot more other brands that offer the same quality.

In addition, the brands we would like to highlight that make safe and reliable fish food products would be Hikari and Tetra. Take note that two of these brands don’t add preservatives to the fish food they make.

What Are The Most Popular Fluval Products?

The Fluval 07 Series Canister Filter, Fluval FX Canister Filter, Fluval Plant and Shrimp Stratum, and Fluval U4 Underwater Filter are some of Fluval’s most popular and best products.

It’s no surprise that the majority of Fluval’s products have received high ratings because the features that the products offer stay true to their claims. A lot of aquarists are satisfied with their purchase and this confirms that Fluval is all about providing top-notch aquarium products.

If you want to see reviews on each of these popular Fluval products, go ahead and check out the following links below:




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